Author Energetics – What to Expect When You Step Into Authority

Author Energetics – What to Expect When You Step Into Authority

I want to talk to you today about some of the energetic process that takes place when you choose to author your book to step into authority to become an author. To put forth your knowledge, your wisdom, your accumulated experience out into the world in literary form. Well, having worked with over 100 authors in the last seven years, directly and closely through the entire publishing process, sometimes through the writing process as well, but certainly through the editing design layout, marketing, positioning, business implications & brand implications of bringing a book out…

Here’s what I’ve observed: At the beginning there is this desire. The desire to put your book out and wherever that comes from, whether it’s for the benefit of others, whether it’s for a healing process for yourself, whether it’s to grow your business to the next level, whether it’s to attract the right type of clients, these are all valid reasons, but this desire, originates and ignites to catalyze the process.

But then what happens once you take that first step or take those first few steps and get into the actual authorship process itself. Something interesting always seems to happen. And that interesting thing is what comes up and what starts to come out that may be unexpected because the desire is clear.

Obviously you want to bring your book out. You want to impact people with it, but what else is coming to the surface in that process? And I found that this is where a number of people can get snagged, get caught up. Ultimately, it can cause people to either sabotage or turn away from the process itself when uncomfortable feelings or unexpected events begin to materialize.

So what’s going on there and in my opinion, and from my experience, it’s this duality of the desire to bring a book out is on the positive, and on the not so positive or on the negative or the antithetical side, is what needs to be cleared in order to clearly present your ideas, your book, your vision with the world.

And so this will always correspond to the topic of the book and to any uncleared or unresolved aspects of your life experience related to this book topic. So for example, if you’re bringing a book out about how to scale up a successful business. Somewhere in the authorship process, you may stumble in your business or at least have some difficult experiences that bring your attention to any part of your methodology and/or your own business that need attention.

If you’re bringing out a book on optimum health and wellness or healing yourself from a specific condition, there’s a good chance you’ll have a new experience with that health experience in the process of bringing out a book designed to help others with it. And I could give any number of examples, but hopefully you start to see that there’s a correlation between what is coming up and what is coming out and what’s to be addressed by you and what’s for the consumption and benefit of others.

And if you can get clear on those two buckets, What’s your process and what needs to be healed and cleared, and then what’s really for the benefit of others. And can you get out of the way and let that express without trying to control it too much, becomes a really integral part. The writing and publishing process, and certainly stepping forward as an authority on your topic and area of expertise.

And so hopefully this is resonant or brings up some thoughts and questions for you. If so, drop them in a comment below, reach out if you’re interested in pursuing the publishing process and I’ll be sharing more videos like this to really unpack what is involved in this author journey. I hope that serves you and talk to you soon.

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Our New Book Releases of August and September

Our New Book Releases of August and September

Take a look at our most recent releases this year. Discover what releases readers have been waiting for during the past few months.

Why is it that a new book release makes me unable to bottle up my excitement?

Even though my must-read list is already longer than I can possibly manage to read in my lifetime and my books don’t even fit on my bookshelves anymore, I still find it impossible to resist new book releases.

But instead of turning a blind eye to my urge to read as many new books that come out as possible, I decided to embrace it and use it to help you find the next eye-catching book to add to your list.

If you enjoy browsing through new releases like I do, you will surely love the following list of great books that we just released.

Identity Shift by Anthony Trucks

August 24, 2021

There’s nothing more essential to making your dreams come true than identity. Living in today’s modern society, we have more access to resources than ever before. Wherever we turn, people are making the best out of their situation and showcasing their success, whether that is their physical appearance, economic status, or luxurious lifestyle. But this constant bombardment of extremely impressive people takes a toll on the rest of us, leading to feelings of shame and low self-worth. Can anyone be blamed for feeling like they don’t fit in?

More Info

The Offline Dating Method by Camille Virginia

August 31, 2021

Many of us are already getting tired of reducing themselves to a socially acceptable blurb only to get the chance to attract someone who is, most likely, not nearly as good as he presents himself to be online. When dating apps were first introduced, they were fun – they were something new and potentially more effective, so many women saw them as the perfect opportunity to meet men. Now, though, it has become obvious that the digital world is far from a utopian one: so why not turn back to actually finding a soul mate in the real world? 

More Info

Making Cannabis Personal by Len May

September 7, 2021

Making Cannabis Personal sheds light on a completely different perspective of cannabis, i.e., its ability to interact with genetics and lead to unique and highly personalized experiences. Namely, Len May started expressing his interest in cannabinoids ever since his adolescence, and this interest was growing along with him. He witnessed many people believing that using cannabis was morally or politically wrong, so in his book, he masterfully debunks these beliefs and offers contemporary readers a fresh perspective on the astonishing medicinal uses of cannabis. 

More Info

The Startup Growth Book by Andrew Lee Miller

September 14, 2021

Who needs spending money on marketing when you can read about all the proven ways to set the stage for supporting your startup’s growth? It’s true, marketing is the number one reason why startup companies fail, and the vast majority of new businesses end up closing simply because they didn’t invest in marketing in time. In fact, founders seem to be dreading marketing, seeing it as something impossible to achieve until they start earning money so that they can afford it, but this is an absolute misconception. Real marketing should always be a priority – and it can be done for free!

More Info

School of Man by Cole Rodgers & Guy Choate

September 14, 2021

Here’s the chance for you to become a master of your own life – to learn how to not merely survive but to thrive. If you, too, are interested in reinventing yourself or you feel like you’ve lost your own sense of identity, you might be on the right track – there’s a bigger world out there than merely doing things just for the sake of doing something. Many of us think that everyday mundanities are all there is to life, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s much more if you know how to truly love and want to leave a legacy behind. 

More Info

Achieve Success, Without Sacrificing Your Health, Wealth & Relationships

Achieve Success, Without Sacrificing Your Health, Wealth & Relationships

Hope you’re having a fantastic week! It’s about to hit 100 degrees in Vegas and I’m happy to feel the heat again.

You know what else is hot? Achieving success without sacrificing your health, wealth and relationships.

That’s the theme of this week’s Fresh Pressed, hope you enjoy…


Achieve Success Without Sacrificing Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Do you feel called to play at a bigger level? Are you ready to claim your destiny and live life at the highest level?

In Nicholas Bayerle’s book, The Modern Day Business Man, he shows the leaders of tomorrow how to get success without sacrifice. If you want to have it all – vibrant health, thriving relationships, and financial freedom – while upholding a standard of conduct and integrity that inspires everyone around you, this book is a must read.

Within the book, Nicholas explains the three core components to making money:

1. The act of production, or the ability to go create money through the exchange of value.

2. The act of keeping money and knowing how to steward it well.

3. The act of investing and taking the money that you have been given and growing it

If you want to achieve success without sacrifice as a modern-day businessman, you can learn more here.


Relieve Your Endometriosis Symptoms and Get Your Career Back on Track

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about how your endometriosis symptoms are going to hold you back from hitting your career goals? Or to have tools that you can use to reduce your pain and manage your energy so you don’t have to miss out on important opportunities? Sometimes, it can feel like endometriosis is controlling your life.

Sought-after endometriosis, pelvic pain, and nutrition expert Dr. Jessica Drummond, reveals how you can do that in the book, Outsmart Endometriosis.

The goal of the healing process that Dr. Drummond reveals, is to lower your overall inflammatory load, balance your hormones, and optimize the functioning of your nervous and digestive systems. While, in the moment, the symptoms can be intense, the goal of the holistic approach is to optimize your physiologic systems so that your overall symptom load can reduce.

If you want to Outsmart Endometriosis and become the boss of your symptoms and your career, click here.


The Powerful Book That’s Changing Lives in Some of the Most Notorious Prisons

Ed Kressy’s powerful book, My Addiction & Recovery, inspires readers with an amazing story of transformation and rebuilding one’s life. It’s a timely reminder that people can overcome addiction, mental health challenges, and criminal histories to make solid contributions to society.

To date, over 500 copies have been donated to inmates at maximum security prisons in California. Most recently, Ed donated 75 copies to New Folsom Prison where men participating in a substance abuse program will use it as inspiration to turn their lives around.

Ed is currently working on donating many more copies of the book that opens doors for readers to deepen their faith in human resiliency and spirit, and the benefits to society that are possible when we give helping hands to those who are overcoming some of life’s most challenging obstacles.

To learn more about the story of how Ed escaped the grips of meth addiction to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer, click here.


“Personal and beautifully written, My Addiction & Recovery is a story of redemption, possibility and the power of a second chance.”

― Seth Godin, NY Times Bestselling Author of Linchpin

Final thought: As you can see from this week’s email, stories and the books that convey them can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. Do you have a powerful story that you’d like to share with the world?

Click here to learn more about getting a book published with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.

To your success,

Jesse Krieger


Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

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Accelerate Your Business, Authentically & Naturally

Accelerate Your Business, Authentically & Naturally


How to Reach Extreme Acceleration in Your Organization

Many organizations struggle to adapt to our fundamentally faster world. For companies and professionals, it often feels like they have to make an ultimate choice: quality or speed. But speed does not have to result in bad work―and Formula 1 motor racing proves this.

Within the two weeks between races, they perform the enormous job of analyzing all data, designing and producing new components, shipping, assembling and testing. How do they do that? And what can we learn from F1 in applying these lessons to our workplaces?

In the F1 inspired book Formula X, you will discover a model consisting of six steps to help you achieve extreme acceleration in your organization. The six steps are:

  • Focus and clarity – a clear and inspiring goal that works as a compass
  • Accelerate decisions – reversible decisions and distributed authority
  • Simplify – the art of omission and simplification
  • Team engagement – intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and ownership
  • Elementary physics – the age-old basic laws for speed and acceleration
  • Rhythmic learning – learn through a cadence of recurring interaction moments

If you’d like to reach extreme acceleration in your organization, click here to learn more.


Do You Dream of Treating Your Hashimoto’s Disease Naturally?

Are you sick and tired of using synthetic hormones and medications to treat your autoimmune disorder? If you have Hashimoto’s and all the traditional methods have left you frustrated and still experiencing symptoms, then there is a solution.

As a Hashimoto’s patient, Vikki Hibberd tried everything and struggled for years with this disease before finally finding a solution using a 5,000-year-old ancient healing technique. In Vikki’s book, Live Healthy with Hashimoto’s Disease, you will uncover the natural Ayurvedic approach to managing your autoimmune disorder.

One of the keys to managing your disease, is to learn which foods are best for you. This is done via a food elimination diet. Here is a sample of food items that should be eliminated during the diet:

  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Dairy
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Sweeteners

You can learn more about Vikki’s approach to managing Hashimoto’s disease by clicking here.


What Happens When You Realize You’ve Been Living a Lie?

Emily had the life. She was selling what Time Magazine hails as the “revolutionary new treatment for cancer”. Her boyfriend’s start-up gets acquired for almost half a billion dollars, and the view from their beachfront LA penthouse looks bright. Few know she’s on a dangerous journey of extremes, riding an alluring threshold of risk, while languishing at hedonistic soirees. Nothing is too big, too excessive or ever enough.

And then, Emily has a shock discovery that forces her to lose everything. She finds herself scraping rock bottom, filled with regret and a desperate longing for the life she can’t return to.

In Emily Pereira’s book, The Quest, she gives a brutally honest account of love, loss, and triumph that will shift your elusive understanding of what it means to be truly alive.

To learn more about this powerful story which takes you from the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, click here.


Formula X reads like an exciting adventure, full of insights for organizations that want to be in the market faster and act more decisively.

Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips

Final thought: Have our newsletters inspired you to purchase a book yet? I’d love to hear about your experience and any huge breakthroughs you’ve had as a result.

Hit “reply” and let me know.

To your success,

Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

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How to Break Through The Fear and Do What You Love

How to Break Through The Fear and Do What You Love

Enjoy this week’s Fresh Pressed which is all about How to Break Through Fear and Do What You Love in all aspects of life….


How to Break Through The Fear and Do What You Love

“Do what you love” is a common piece of advice given to people when they’re unsure of what they want to do in life. But how is it possible? It’s easy to get bogged down into thinking that you’re just not talented enough, or don’t have the right degree, or that your goals are too lofty.

In Amanda Nachman’s book, #Qualified she shows you how to break through the stress, fear and uncertainty of the job search and land your dream job.

Amanda recently appeared on Good Morning America where she shared her top tips on how to get hired. Here are the highlights:

  • Make courageous connections. Identify someone you admire who is in your dream job and reach out. This will help you learn the steps you need to take to follow in their footsteps.
  • Ask questions. During an interview, make sure to ask the interviewer what they love most about their role. It gives them a chance to tell their story, and share what they love about working at the company.
  • A DM a day. Instead of looking on job boards, send a DM a day and reach out to people. Around 85% of jobs are made through networking, so the better your network, the higher your chance of landing your dream job.

If you’ve ever felt stressed out about your future, and you’re not sure where to start, then join Amanda’s 30 day #QUALIFIED Challenge.Click here to take part.


Would You Like to Be Naturally Sexy… Forever?

NEWSFLASH: You don’t have to ditch the bikini when you turn 40 – this can be the beginning of your sexy years! And it’s never too late to start.

In the award-winning book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, which has gained cult status in Scandinavia, its author Thorbjörg, details a 10-week anti-age program with delicious recipes, invigorating exercises, and nutritional supplement recommendations.

The first step of the journey is to discover what your real age is. Modern food and lifestyles, stress, and lack of exercise can wear you down. Even at 20, you can have the body of a 40 year old. Conversely, you can be 85 with a body as fresh as that of a 60-year old.

Signs that you’re older than your age include:

  • Too many wrinkles
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Dry hair, brittle hair, or hair loss
  • Dry skin and dry mucous membranes
  • White spots on your nails or brittle nails

If you would like to understand how old you really are, you can take a test via Thorbjörg’s website. Click here to discover your real age.


A Step-by-Step Guide to a More Profound and Meaningful Life

Nicolai was heading down a path that almost always ended in one of two ways: prison or an early death.

In Gangsters ‘n Gurus Nicolai Engelbrecht tells the story of the life-changing night where he lost his eyesight in a drug-motivated chemical attack. It only was after losing his vision that Nicolai was able to clearly see what the future held if he did not make a dramatic shift in his life. After weeks of anguish and a miraculous recovery, Nicolai embarked on an authentic journey of self-discovery.

His travels took him to remote parts of the world―from India, to White Horse Mountain in China, to Bali, and beyond―to learn the secrets of renowned spiritual teachers like Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Master Li Sifu.

Sharing his mystical life experiences, sacred wisdom, and ancient traditions, Nicolai teaches readers from all backgrounds how to break the bonds of a painful past and experience inner freedom.Pre-order now for and unlock incredible bonuses with book bundle orders.


Amanda (author of #Qualified) wants us to love what we do and make a greater impact in the world. I can already sense the ripple effect of her book.

– Hal Elrod, Bestselling author of The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation

To your success,

Jesse Krieger

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Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Fresh Pressed: Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness + Spirituality Served Fresh

Fresh Pressed: Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness + Spirituality Served Fresh

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping (well, at least in Las Vegas)

Hope you are welcoming something new into your life this Spring, and if that just happens to be one of our latest releases, then all the better!

In this week’s Fresh Pressed, I’m pleased to introduce you to some new leaders in the entrepreneurship, health & wellness and spirituality & self-help spaces.

Let’s dive in…


Successful Social and Emotional Learning in the Modern Music Classroom

Teachers are forever telling their students to “pay attention” and “focus.” But are they teaching them how to pay attention and focus?

In Lesley Moffat’s book, Love The Job, Lose The Stress, she reveals the secret to getting students engaged, focused, and curious so you can teach them all the cool stuff about music is teaching them how to actually build those skills until they become habits.

The book is packed with practical advice, including Lesley’s top 3 tips for being a badass band director:

  1. Boundaries are essential. By setting healthy boundaries, we teach other people that we value our own time and they begin to value it more, too. Boundaries give students parameters within which they can learn to function with much more success than when there’s a lack of structure.
  2. Parents and other adults can be the most powerful assets in helping run a program. Don’t try and do everything alone. It’s much easier and more fun when you have a group of parents and kids working together toward common goals.
  3. Work Is Love in Action. When you’re doing jobs that make you want to poke your eyes out with a pitchfork, remind yourself of its importance. This reframing of the purpose of the task helps it go from being another chore to becoming a way to serve the kiddos I love so much.

To discover more practical advice for how to help kids become the best version of themselves through the magic of music education… without burning out in the process, click here.


How to Manage Jaw Pain so You Can Eat Normally

Does painful jaw clicking and popping make it difficult for you to eat normally?

When you have chronic clicking, popping, or pain in your jaw, it can make everything that much more difficult. And it’s not just eating – severe pain in your jaw can also affect your sleep, ability to talk, and overall ability to function.

In TMJ is Ruining My Life, author and pharmacist Chelsea Liebowitz helps suffers of TMJ to manage jaw pain and prevent flare-ups

According to Chelsea, the most common causes of jaw pain are:

  • Sports injury
  • Whiplash
  • Developmental Differences
  • Daily Habits such as chewing gum
  • Clenching and Grinding
  • Physical Obstructions such as sleep apnea

Read TMJ Is Ruining My Life; now to start managing your intolerable jaw pain, and take back your life!


10 Steps to a Spiritually Enlightened Life After Divorce

Are you struggling to get over your divorce? Does it feel as if your emotions are running wild and they’re impacting your professional and personal lives? Are you nervous about dating again? Most people have tried to move on but nothing seems to work.

In breakup to breakthrough, Psychologist, Divorce Coach, and Grief Expert, Lana Gajic applies scientific principles to help people mend their broken hearts and develop more satisfying, soulful lives.

Included in the book are biohacking techniques that help you deal with stress when it arises. Here are three stress-busting biohacking tips:

  1. Self hug. Give yourself a hug by putting your right hand under your left armpit and your left hand on top of your right arm. This technique is meant to help you calm your nervous system down and it does not require the presence of someone else to give you a hug
  2. Focus on Your Breath. Take a slow, deep breath in and an even slower and deeper breath out. Do this for ten to fifteen breaths. Research shows that when you take six or more seconds to exhale, you will get a reduction in stress because it activates your parasympathetic or relaxation response.
  3. Exhale Loudly. Take a deep breath in and exhale like you would in a yoga class. Say a long haaaaaa, like you would when saying the beginning of the word happy. Repeat the breathing exercise ten to fifteen times. If you feel very upset, feel free to do it longer until your body naturally relaxes and your shoulder drop.

If you want to get ready to finally put the past behind and focus on you, Breakup to Breakthrough is a great place to start.


I am so appreciative that Liebowitz wrote this book. As a TMJ sufferer myself I was able to relate to the experiences in her book. There aren’t a lot of resources available that allows a patient to take feel empowered; this is definitely one!.” – TMJ Is Ruining My Life Review

Final thought: Words how the power to change the world. If you’d like to help change the world with us, forward a friend this email and/or leave a comment here.

To your success,


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Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Fresh Pressed: Your Weekly Shot of Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness + Spirituality

Fresh Pressed: Your Weekly Shot of Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness + Spirituality

Hope your week is off to a great start!

In our 2nd edition of Fresh Pressed I’m pleased to share this week’s featurs on entrepreneurship, health & wellness + spirituality & self-help.

Each week, we’ll be highlighting some of the amazing authors and inspiring ideas that we have the honor of publishing at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.

With no further ado, let’s dive in…and enjoy!


Build Your Own Freedom by Starting Your Own Business

Do you have the spark inside to create something of your own? If you want to follow that spark, there’s a way to transform your mindset to become a successful entrepreneur. Even if you’re starting from zero.

In the book, Start From Zero, Dane Maxwell helps you build the brain of an entrepreneur. In fact, according to Dane, there are four ‘entrepreneur brains’. Very few entrepreneurs possess all four of these brains. In fact, most entrepreneurs get by with just two or three. But if you combine all four, your bank account will look very, very good.

Do you possess one or more of these?

Brain One: The Surveyor – Here you see the world in income streams and survey landscapes. Once you understand this, you’ll see income streams everywhere.

Brain Two: The Tiller – Here you find and sell ideas by tilling the landscape you surveyed. This is a very profitable skill when done correctly.

Brain Three: The Planter – Here you create and plant scalable product seeds from scratch. The planter is thorough and masterful.

Brain Four: The Gardener – Here you garden and grow the product revenues. Many activities are a waste of time; only a few are needed to grow revenue.

The Start From Zero website has some fantastic free resources for you to explore. Click here to explore how you can start from zero.


Is Depression Really the Cause of Your Symptoms?

More than 60 million Americans–that’s about one in four–are affected by mental health issues every year. Rather than determine what might actually be causing that depression, many doctors immediately reach for their prescription pads.

Dr. Achina Stein’s new book, What If It’s Not Depression?: Your Guide to Answers and Solutions is a lifeline to patients that want to understand the underlying causes of depression. Dr. Stein takes a different approach to depression by trying to understand what creates it and believes the key to this new paradigm is depression is not in our head.

One key to fixing the root cause is to improve your sleep hygiene. Here are Dr Stein’s top 5 sleep tips:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and other chemicals that interfere with sleep.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. It’s the wake-up time that sets your biological clock.
  • Ease the transition from wake time to sleep time with a period of relaxing activities an hour or so before bed. Take a bath (the rise then fall in body temperature promotes drowsiness), read a book, watch television, or practice relaxation exercises. Avoid stressful, stimulating activities like doing work or discussing emotional issues.
  • Turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment – dark cool place, use earplugs or white noise, and sleep on a comfortable mattress. Remove the TV from the room. Use your bed just for sleep and sex.
  • Drink enough fluid at night to keep from waking up thirsty –but not so much and so close to bedtime that you will be awakened by the need for a trip to the bathroom.

For more information on how to heal from the anguish of depression and anxiety, click here.


Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers and Awaken The Goddess Within

An electromagnetic force is awakening in the feminine collective. This powerful energy is the divine feminine essence that lies deep within the core of those who are destined to experience and spread epic Love – to become Love in the flesh. In truth, this miraculous life force energy already exists within you.

In Lord Coltrane’s latest book, Love Avatar: Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers & Awaken the Goddess Within, she seeks to help women to rock the karmic runway, to awaken to their fullest potential, to inspire and experience exquisite beauty, sacred love, and soul purpose.

It’s a mission that has the backing of many, including activist, author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson: ”Lord Coltrane is a soul retriever of the highest order, bringing to awareness the shame and blame that has kept us down for so long and then revealing the power of our inner self. In Love Avatar, she takes women through the painstaking work of releasing the darkness and reclaiming the light that’s at the core of every woman’s true nature.”

Love Avatar will help you:

• Discover the steps to unleashing your Divine Feminine Superpowers

• Understand your Goddess Archetypes

• Integrate the 7 Cosmic Laws for the spontaneous fulfillment of your desires

• Alchemize the shadow within you and transform it into radiant golden light

• Reclaim and unshame your hidden and forbidden sides to experience wholeness

• Activate your soul relationships and soul purpose

To learn more about how every woman can feel, taste, smell, see, and hear the naked truth of her multidimensional being click here.


“Coltrane embodies divine feminine wisdom to help guide others on the path of spiritual awakening. Her book, “Love Avatar: Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers and Awaken the Goddess Within” is a journey of transformation and inspiration. – Deepak Chopra, Author of MetaHuman

Final thought: Words how the power to change the world. If you’d like to help change the world with us, send a friend a link to one of the books mentioned within this email. Better yet, brighten their day by giving it to them as a gift.

To your success,


Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

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LE Press Presents: The Fresh Pressed Newsletter v1.0

LE Press Presents: The Fresh Pressed Newsletter v1.0

Let me be the first welcome you to our Fresh Pressed Newsletter, the very first edition of what will be a weekly dose of literary inspiration.

If you’ve been following our work for a while, Thank You and I hope this new format delivers the goods in a brand new way for you!

Each week we’ll feature an author, idea or book focused on Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness and Self-Help.

Let’s dive in…


The 11-Step Formula To Make Money And Get Financial Clarity In Your Business

The term “entrepreneur” continues to gain attention as an exciting and financially rewarding career choice. However, there is a significant risk associated with leaving a comfortable position with a guaranteed salary, benefits, and pension.

But the risk of failure as an entrepreneur can be all but eliminated if you ensure that the financial foundation of your business is planned for, expectations are outlined, and the financial results are consistently monitored.

In Robert Gauvreau’s book, The Wealthy Entrepreneur, he explains that there’s an 11-step framework that if implemented, will provide you with financial clarity and extraordinary results in your business.

All entrepreneurial endeavors must start with the end in mind. So the first step to generating extraordinary results is being very clear on the outcomes that you desire as an entrepreneur. It’s important to answer the following questions:

  • What do you desire for your business?
  • What do you desire for yourself personally?

By answering those questions you can set the defining vision for the business. To learn more about Robert’s 11-step ‘Vision to Results’ framework, click here.


A New Way For Women To Navigate The Menopause Years With Grace And Confidence

An empowering new approach has emerged which is helping women to master, not medicate their hormones as they shift from a time of being a caregiver to a self-care seeker.

In Dr. Mindy Pelz’s new book, The Menopause Reset, she explains how inside every human being lies an incredible pharmacy ready to heal. Dr. Pelz believes there is a 5-step lifestyle that will maximize that healing.

But it isn’t as simple as just going for a jog or doing one three-day water fast. You will need to put together several lifestyle tools to thrive during the menopause years. The five lifestyle changes that make up the menopause reset are:

Step 1: Change When You Eat

Step 2: Address What You Are Eating

Step 3: Repair Your Microbiome

Step 4: Detox Yourself and Your Life

Step 5: Stop the Rushing

When followed in that order, each step can build on the next. Before you know it, you will have all the steps put together in a beautiful lifestyle that works. Click here to learn more about what each of those steps entail.


Your Blueprint For Optimal Health, Longevity, And Peak Performance

The average American lifespan is decreasing, and the chronic disease epidemic continues to skyrocket. For many, the traditional path of no sleep, hard work, and an unconscious lifestyle deplete them of the health and vitality needed to be their best in their businesses, relationships, and life’s mission.

According to Kien Vuu MD, better known as Dr. V by his clients, it doesn’t have to be this way. In his new book, Thrive State, Dr V explains his ‘BioEnergetic Model’, which will help you to transition from a stress state into a “thrive state”.

Signs that you are operating in a stress state, and need to pay attention to your health include:

• Excess belly fat (“spare tire”)

• Elevated blood sugar levels

• Digestive problems (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea)

• Excessive tiredness or exhaustion

• Emotional problems (depression, anxiety)

• “Brain fog”

• Food or airborne allergies

• Skin problems (psoriasis, eczema)

• Gum disease

• Erectile dysfunction in men

But the great news is you have incredible power over your ability to call upon your cellular and genetic self to flourish. If you’d like to learn more about how to enter your “Thrive State”, click here.


When asked what surprised him most about humanity, the Dalai Lama replied, “Man! Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Interrupting my normal posts about books and publishing to have a little fun today…

Here are 3 things you probably didn’t know about me


#1 – Back when I was like 11 years old, I had tons of collections. Rock collection. Cactus collection. Comic book collection and baseball card collections.

I would ride my bike to the the next town over with a few dollars and a pocket full of change to get new editions. It felt like such an adventure

Then, one day there was a first-edition Superman comic book at the store. Oh man did I want that!

So, I negotiated and pestered the owner until he agreed to take my entire comic book and baseball card collection just for that first-edition Superman.

For extra security, I had my dad drive me there so no one would beat me up and take my Superman riding my bike home haha

If I were to draw a lesson from this now, it’s that when I see something I want I tend to go all-in.


#2 – From age 13-23 music was my life. Electric guitar specifically. I would skip high school and learn Jimi Hendrix songs note-for-note.

I moved out at 18 to go to Los Angeles Music Academy, and my cover band The Rock N Roll Revue would get black “X’s” on our hands when we played shows on Sunset.

Then I lived in Vienna, Austria with another American guy Scott from age 19-20 and we played in the bars and clubs there, as well as on the street for tourists…learning the shifts of the police to make as money money as we could before getting chased away

It all culminated living in Nashville, TN on Music Row where I started my first business at age 21, Tabula Rasa Records (it means blank slate in Latin) for our rock band Harsh Krieger

Well, we released our album back in 2005 and it’s still available around the world today

Rock out to Harsh Krieger here on Spotify


#3 – I won 3rd Place in the California Chinese Speech Contest in 2011

After my early life in music and a few goes at starting businesses, I ended up transferring to UC Berkeley at age 27 to complete my undergrad degree.

I minored in Chinese Language & Culture, which earned me two Summers studying abroad and diplomas from Beijing Normal University & National Taiwan University.

Back at Cal, my Chinese teacher encouraged me to entire the CA Chinese Speech contest, where I wrote and delivered a 5-minute speech in front of a panel of Chinese teacher judges.

Well it all worked out for the best, and here I am celebrating with my teacher and friend who won 1st place.

So there you have it, 3 things you probably didn’t know about your favorite publisher 🙂

Tell me something most people don’t know about you in the comments!

~ Jesse

Are You All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

Are You All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

Are You Really All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

One of the biggest distinctions I notice between successful authors, entrepreneurs and people generally is this:

They are truly ALL-IN

Which is very different than just testing the waters, dipping a toe in to see how it feels, while the rest of the body stays safe on dry land.

Being All-In means you’ve got both feet in the game, moving forward in the same direction

Instead of having one foot on the accelerator, and the other on the brake.

All-In means you aren’t involved in 3-4 different projects at once, giving just part of your energy to each one…and seeing mediocre results in each as a result.

All-IN means that when adversity inevitably crops up, you think about your best options to overcome it…instead of using it as a convenient excuse to turn back

ALL-IN means you are 100% committed and that your actions reflect a sincere intention to move forward and manifest your vision in the world.

Think about someone in your life who is definitely not all-in…

Maybe someone that has a life-changing new idea every couple weeks, gets excited and tells everyone they found the best thing since sliced bread

Just to cut bait and switch to some other shiny new goal a few weeks later

Does that inspire confidence?

Do you trust this person and believe what they are saying?

Or, in the back of your mind, are you thinking “Sure, buddy, let’s see how long this lasts

On the other hand…

When you witness someone who is clearly on their path

Who shows up day after day, month after month, deepening their commitment and expanding their impact

That person inspires trust and confidence without even saying a word

That is the kind of person you want to align with and be inspired by

Because at the end of the day, those who are All-In go all the way

Here’s an example of someone going All-In, who now just happens to be the wealthiest person on earth.

Coincidence? I think not

That’s what’s on my mind this Sunday

Drop a comment and let me know what’s on yours

To your success,