I want to talk to you today about some of the energetic process that takes place when you choose to author your book to step into authority to become an author. To put forth your knowledge, your wisdom, your accumulated experience out into the world in literary form. Well, having worked with over 100 authors in the last seven years, directly and closely through the entire publishing process, sometimes through the writing process as well, but certainly through the editing design layout, marketing, positioning, business implications & brand implications of bringing a book out…

Here’s what I’ve observed: At the beginning there is this desire. The desire to put your book out and wherever that comes from, whether it’s for the benefit of others, whether it’s for a healing process for yourself, whether it’s to grow your business to the next level, whether it’s to attract the right type of clients, these are all valid reasons, but this desire, originates and ignites to catalyze the process.

But then what happens once you take that first step or take those first few steps and get into the actual authorship process itself. Something interesting always seems to happen. And that interesting thing is what comes up and what starts to come out that may be unexpected because the desire is clear.

Obviously you want to bring your book out. You want to impact people with it, but what else is coming to the surface in that process? And I found that this is where a number of people can get snagged, get caught up. Ultimately, it can cause people to either sabotage or turn away from the process itself when uncomfortable feelings or unexpected events begin to materialize.

So what’s going on there and in my opinion, and from my experience, it’s this duality of the desire to bring a book out is on the positive, and on the not so positive or on the negative or the antithetical side, is what needs to be cleared in order to clearly present your ideas, your book, your vision with the world.

And so this will always correspond to the topic of the book and to any uncleared or unresolved aspects of your life experience related to this book topic. So for example, if you’re bringing a book out about how to scale up a successful business. Somewhere in the authorship process, you may stumble in your business or at least have some difficult experiences that bring your attention to any part of your methodology and/or your own business that need attention.

If you’re bringing out a book on optimum health and wellness or healing yourself from a specific condition, there’s a good chance you’ll have a new experience with that health experience in the process of bringing out a book designed to help others with it. And I could give any number of examples, but hopefully you start to see that there’s a correlation between what is coming up and what is coming out and what’s to be addressed by you and what’s for the consumption and benefit of others.

And if you can get clear on those two buckets, What’s your process and what needs to be healed and cleared, and then what’s really for the benefit of others. And can you get out of the way and let that express without trying to control it too much, becomes a really integral part. The writing and publishing process, and certainly stepping forward as an authority on your topic and area of expertise.

And so hopefully this is resonant or brings up some thoughts and questions for you. If so, drop them in a comment below, reach out if you’re interested in pursuing the publishing process and I’ll be sharing more videos like this to really unpack what is involved in this author journey. I hope that serves you and talk to you soon.

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