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Why LE Press?

We are a gold standard for independent book publishing. We are a house committed to a more democratic model in the book industry. We use crowdfunding to develop our editorial projects, and we establish a more fair and transparent relationship with our collaborators and authors. We believe great ideas shouldn’t fall between the cracks because they don’t fit the mould.
That’s why we’ve built a platform and publishing model that shifts the balance of power, allowing people and their communities to champion the voices which deserve to be heard.

We’re changing publishing – and putting the crowd in control.

We ensure quality editing, design, marketing strategy and distribution at no cost to the author thanks to the crowdfunding model which helps you to learn from the promotional side.

Crowdfunding, a financial model to make your book a reality

Crowdfunding is a collective financial system in which many people are involved by supporting economically a book project to become a reality. In our case, we only work with book projects. Based on the financial support each reader gives, these will receive a recompensation from the hardcover book to different services the author can offer, always related to the book and many other bundles.

Crowdfunding is a collective financing system in which many people financially support a project so that it can be carried out. In our case, we only cover book publishing projects. Depending on the type of support chosen by the patrons (readers), they will receive as a reward the paperback with their name on the thank you pages and different services the author of the book project offers. Always related to the book topic in addition to many other rewards.

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Formulate Your Proposal

  • Complete our proposal form so that our team can meet you and discover your book.
  • Share your manuscript or sample if you have them. If not, that’s okay. A manuscript is not mandatory.
  • Allow us a couple of days to get back to you!
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Prepare Your Campaign

  • Schedule a call with Julia, our Head of Crowdfunding, to speak further about your book and define your campaign steps.
  • Receive training on editorial marketing and editorial communication.
  • Define with our crowdfunding team a campaign strategy to generate all necessary content and promote your campaign and reach your goal.
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Launch Your Campaign

  • Share the campaign with your community during 30 days
  • Receive weekly advice from your campaign coordinator
  • Participate in workshops with other authors from the community
  • Achieve your campaign goal to finance your book
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Work With Our Team

  • Work on your manuscript to deliver it within 2-3 months
  • You will work with professionals specialized in proofreading, layout and design
  • You will work on a marketing plan with a sales goal at the book launch. No worries, we will help!
  • Discover the result before publishing your book for the final touches
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Your Book In The Market

  • Your contributors from the crowdfunding campaign will receive their pre-ordered copies
  • Your book is finally published!
  • Reach new readers and nourish your community
  • Track your sales
  • Earn money with your book and leverage your business


How do you evaluate my book proposal?

Our team collectively studies all the received forms. We evaluate each book idea from their professional perspective, as well as contribute with our vision and mission. It is important that you complete the form as much as possible, this way you will help us to better understand your idea.

We also take a look at the manuscript, if completed and attached, and scan both your profile and your community. We prefer to meet you, listen to you and that you convey your enthusiasm for the project. We start to work thoroughly with the manuscript once the crowdfunding campaign is over, and we have the necessary resources for our editing professionals to start working.

What do you value in a book?

Our mission is to help you turn your idea or project into a book. In the way we finance our books, we take into account the author and her/his community, as well as the potential of the idea and the quality of the writing. It is important that you complete the form as much as possible, this is the best way to help us to better understand your project, discover your motivations and assess whether it makes sense to finance it with our method.

How long does it take to respond?

Our team studies all the projects that come to us. This means that we take time to read the information you send us, to take a look at the manuscript or idea, and to browse both your profile and your community. Despite the large volume of projects we received, we will get back to you in less than a week.

What is your role in this process?

Our mission is to help anyone turn their project into a book. Therefore, our main role is to accompany you during all phases of the project. You always have a specialized professional who solves your doubts, who suggests actions to be successful with your crowdfunding campaign, who explains what the editing process is like and who helps you reach a larger audience before and after the book is published. In addition, we put at your disposal our specialized platform and what will be your author panel.

What is the difference between LE Press and other publishing houses?

We are an independent publishing house with a bonus: our specialization in crowdfunding platforms.
We put our professional crowdfunding team at your disposal to help you finance your book idea through a campaign and, once the goal is achieved, we offer all the traditional services from an independent publisher to publish your book. We accompany you in crowdfunding, edition, cover design, layout, marketing and publication. We are the only specialized publishing platform that helps you finance and then publish your book.

We combine the best of both functions in a unique way to help you turn your project into a book. Our main difference with other publishers is that we help our authors to finance their projects with the support of their community.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of collective financing in which a community of people financially supports your project in exchange for receiving the book at home when it is published. During the campaign, which lasts 30 days, you share your book project with your community and audience (family, friends, colleagues, institutions and followers on social networks) with the aim of turning each person into a contributor and reader. You always lead the crowdfunding campaign with the advice of our team in LE Press.

What kind of books do you publish?

Our mission is to promote a lifestyle that positionate your idea and project in the market. For this reason, we are only specialized in Entrepreneurship, How To, Self-Help, Spirituality and Health & Wellness genres.

What is the profile of your authors?

Our mission is to help anyone turn their project into a book. We have published recognized people, and also brand new authors. In our community we have authors of personal projects, professionals in a specific area, elite athletes, retirees with a history or leaders of social causes, among many other profiles.

Do I need a complete manuscript to work with you?

There’s no need. As our mission is to help you turn your project into a book, you may only have the idea, the outline or a sample. We will share our opinion and experience to support you and build the best potential book.

Do you publish in any languages other than English?

At the moment we only publish in English. However, we can offer international distribution and the possibility to sell foreign rights with the opportunity to translate the book in other languages.

How long do I have to write the book if I just have the idea?

Once the crowdfunding campaign is completed, you have up to 90 days to deliver the manuscript to our editorial team. However, we are flexible and study each project in detail. For example, we can work with submissions of chapters or partial texts. The deadline is important because the patrons who have supported you are waiting for the book and there’s an agenda to schedule.

If I already have an edited book, can I publish it with you?

As long as you have not signed an exclusive contract with another publisher, we can work together to turn your project into a book.

What happens if I don't reach the funding goal?

We always create a previous strategy to ensure we reach the funding goal. However, if the author does not reach it she/he can decide to contribute with the remaining part.

Do I earn money with the crowdfunding campaign?

The goal here is to fund $10,000 which in turn covers all publishing costs. You keep 70% of all proceeds beyond $10k and we handle all fulfillment for books pre-ordered. So, yes. There is a way to earn some money if you exceed the goal.