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Why Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press?

We are the gold standard for independent book publishing. A house committed to a more democratic model in the book industry by establishing a fair and transparent relationship with our collaborators and authors. We believe great ideas shouldn’t fall between the cracks because they don’t fit the mold.

For this reason we will consider your book based on its merits and we’ve built a family of authors with a voice and a valuable message to share. Our publishing focus is on entrepreneurship, health & wellness and self-help/spirituality topics, and many of our authors are also entrepreneurs in their own right.

Our publishing model offers full support through the entire publishing process. We provide guidance on the manuscript, editorial support, book cover design and the layout, as well as marketing strategy, business and brand development plus worldwide distribution.

Submit your book proposal and we will schedule a call with you to discuss in further details!

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Submit Your Proposal

  • Complete our proposal form so that our team can meet you and discover your book.
  • Share your manuscript or sample if you have them. If not, that’s okay. A manuscript is not required, but is preferred.
  • Allow us a couple of days to get back to you!
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Completing Your Manuscript (3 Months)

  • Publishing Kickoff Call to discuss and establish the themes, topics and genre of your book.
  • Manuscript Completion Call to discuss your manuscript and celebrate your progress, as well as confirm the release date for your book.
  • Whether you are at the book idea, the outline or completing the chapters of your manuscript, we will take it from there! Scheduling weekly or bi-weekly calls to discuss the table of contents and the written chapters to ensure the fulfillment date.
  • If your manuscript is completed, we will move forward directly to the editing process (next step!)
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Editorial Process (3-4 Months)

  • Based on the genre of your book, we will assign the most appropriate editor for your book.
  • Our editor will carefully review your manuscript and provide an Editorial Summary to guide the next steps based on their notes (re-writing, line-editing, copy-editing).
  • Editorial Call #1 with the editor to discuss any questions and move forward with the next steps of the editing process.
  • Editorial Call #2 to review the updated content, edits and revisions made.
  • Final proofreading.

* Please, bear in mind that we will give you due dates to deliver the updates of the manuscript in order to reach the established agenda for the release date.

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Book Cover Design (1 Month)

  • Our experienced team will create a number of cover design concepts for your review
  • We will work through revisions and improvements until we arrive at the perfect cover for your book.
  • Create the complete print-ready book cover design (front, back and spine).
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Layout Design (1-2 Months)

  • This is the moment to decide whether we would like to include images, illustrations or graphics to the book.
  • We will create a complete book layout based on the design aesthetic of the book.
  • You will have the opportunity to make any suggestions, edits or final changes.
  • Complete the final layout for the book in both print and electronic formats.
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Marketing Plan (3-4 Months)

  • Marketing Strategy Call with Jesse Krieger to establish a Marketing Plan based on your audience and your business goals that are aligned with the book.
  • Creation of your book website to drive pre-sales, build your audience and enhance your author brand.
  • Co-Create Marketing Content with the LE Press team so you have actionable marketing assets to use for promoting your book launch and beyond.
  • Deploy a Sample Chapters giveaway that builds interest with early readers and grows your audience and reach in the process.


How do you evaluate my book proposal?
Our team collectively studies all the received forms. We evaluate each book idea on its own merits, as well as relative to comparable titles in the market. It is important that you complete the form as much as possible, this way you will help us to better understand your idea.

We also take a look at the manuscript, if completed and attached, and scan both your profile and your community. We prefer to meet you, listen to you and that you convey your enthusiasm for the project.

What do you value in a book?

Our mission is to help you turn your idea or project into a book. In the way we finance our books, we take into account the author and her/his community, as well as the potential of the idea and the quality of the writing. It is important that you complete the form as much as possible, this is the best way to help us to better understand your project, discover your motivations and assess whether it makes sense to finance it with our method.

How long does it take to respond?

Our team studies all the projects that come to us. This means that we take time to read the information you send us, to take a look at the manuscript or idea, and to browse both your profile and your community. Despite the large volume of projects we received, we will get back to you in less than a week.

What is your role in this process?
Our mission is to provide full-service publishing support through the entire process. Therefore, our main role is to accompany you during all phases of the project. You will always have a specialized team who is here to provide support. We will make suggestions and provide guidance, but leave the final decision up to you. From editorial insight, to design focus, and from book marketing strategy to worldwide distribution, we are here for you.
What type of authors/books do you publish?
Our specialty at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is to support entrepreneurs, health & wellness experts and self-help/spirituality focused authors to publish their book. We are open to consider any non-fiction topic that is aligned with one of these genres
What is the profile of your authors?

Our mission is to help anyone turn their project into a book. We have published recognized people, and also brand new authors. In our community we have authors of personal projects, professionals in a specific area, elite athletes, retirees with a history or leaders of social causes, among many other profiles.

Do I need a complete manuscript to work with you?
Ideally, yes. Although our mission is to help you turn your big idea into a bestselling book, we prefer to receive books that at least are developed with a table of contents and some chapters written. However, a completed manuscript is not mandatory.
Do you publish in any languages other than English?

At the moment we only publish in English. However, we can offer international distribution and the possibility to sell foreign rights with the opportunity to translate the book in other languages.

How long do I have to write the book if I just have the idea?

You have up to 90 days to deliver the manuscript to our editorial team. However, we are flexible and study each project in detail. For example, we can work with submissions of chapters or partial texts. The deadline is important because the patrons who have supported you are waiting for the book and there’s an agenda to schedule.

If I already have an edited book, can I publish it with you?

As long as you have not signed an exclusive contract with another publisher, we can work together to turn your project into a book.