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  • Evolve Your Coaching Business by Kat Knecht
  • Woman Unleashed by Dr. Sonya Jensen
  • Be a Pro by Jimmy Farris

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Be a Pro Promotion

Be a Pro

What does it take to succeed in life and business at the highest level? Do you know the habits, mindsets, principles and practices…
Evolve Your Coaching Business Promotion

Evolve Your Coaching Business

You may be a new coach feeling overwhelmed about getting clients because the first three to five years of running a coaching business are…
Identity Shift Homepage Promotion

Identity Shift

Identity. The most important tool to achieve your dreams. We live in an era with more access than ever before. Everywhere you look it appears…
Woman Unleashed Promotion

Woman Unleashed

Dr. Sonya Jensen has been working with women for over a decade, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves and helping…
What if it's not depression Small Book

What If It’s NOT Depression?

Is Depression Really the Cause of Your Symptoms? You’re tired. You have trouble sleeping and thinking, you feel down and stressed out…

Making Cannabis Personal Homepage Promotion

Making Cannabis Personal

Endometriosis does not have to ruin your career. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about how your endometriosis symptoms are going…

The Soul Guide to a Magical Life

by Julia Guirado

New York, United States (US)

About the book: Whether you are already following your Calling, want

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Offline Dating Method Homepage promotion

The Offline Dating Method

Why settle for being swiped-over, when you can attract your perfect partner in the real world? Dating apps were supposed to be a fun new way…
Alpha Seed Beta Need Homepage Promotion

Alpha Seed Beta Need

Do Men and Women Experience Love Differently? Mark van Stratum is a modern day Charles Bukowski, moving through life with…
School of Man Homepage Promotion

School of Man

Master the Art of Living, Loving & Legacy Are you looking for an opportunity to be reborn? Perhaps you feel as though you’re…