Author Energetics – What to Expect When You Step Into Authority

Author Energetics – What to Expect When You Step Into Authority

I want to talk to you today about some of the energetic process that takes place when you choose to author your book to step into authority to become an author. To put forth your knowledge, your wisdom, your accumulated experience out into the world in literary form. Well, having worked with over 100 authors in the last seven years, directly and closely through the entire publishing process, sometimes through the writing process as well, but certainly through the editing design layout, marketing, positioning, business implications & brand implications of bringing a book out…

Here’s what I’ve observed: At the beginning there is this desire. The desire to put your book out and wherever that comes from, whether it’s for the benefit of others, whether it’s for a healing process for yourself, whether it’s to grow your business to the next level, whether it’s to attract the right type of clients, these are all valid reasons, but this desire, originates and ignites to catalyze the process.

But then what happens once you take that first step or take those first few steps and get into the actual authorship process itself. Something interesting always seems to happen. And that interesting thing is what comes up and what starts to come out that may be unexpected because the desire is clear.

Obviously you want to bring your book out. You want to impact people with it, but what else is coming to the surface in that process? And I found that this is where a number of people can get snagged, get caught up. Ultimately, it can cause people to either sabotage or turn away from the process itself when uncomfortable feelings or unexpected events begin to materialize.

So what’s going on there and in my opinion, and from my experience, it’s this duality of the desire to bring a book out is on the positive, and on the not so positive or on the negative or the antithetical side, is what needs to be cleared in order to clearly present your ideas, your book, your vision with the world.

And so this will always correspond to the topic of the book and to any uncleared or unresolved aspects of your life experience related to this book topic. So for example, if you’re bringing a book out about how to scale up a successful business. Somewhere in the authorship process, you may stumble in your business or at least have some difficult experiences that bring your attention to any part of your methodology and/or your own business that need attention.

If you’re bringing out a book on optimum health and wellness or healing yourself from a specific condition, there’s a good chance you’ll have a new experience with that health experience in the process of bringing out a book designed to help others with it. And I could give any number of examples, but hopefully you start to see that there’s a correlation between what is coming up and what is coming out and what’s to be addressed by you and what’s for the consumption and benefit of others.

And if you can get clear on those two buckets, What’s your process and what needs to be healed and cleared, and then what’s really for the benefit of others. And can you get out of the way and let that express without trying to control it too much, becomes a really integral part. The writing and publishing process, and certainly stepping forward as an authority on your topic and area of expertise.

And so hopefully this is resonant or brings up some thoughts and questions for you. If so, drop them in a comment below, reach out if you’re interested in pursuing the publishing process and I’ll be sharing more videos like this to really unpack what is involved in this author journey. I hope that serves you and talk to you soon.

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Q4 2020 Strategic Planning Call for LE PRESS Authors

Q4 2020 Strategic Planning Call for LE PRESS Authors

Q4 2020 Strategic Planning Call for LE Press Authors

So much has happened this year, and it is important to honor all of your experiences. We will guide you to arrive at a place of inner peace on this call. Because only from a place of inner peace can you plan your best and brightest course of action into 2021.

On this call I have some exciting updates to share with you, including an opportunity to get booked on a number of podcasts quickly and for free!

I’ve been developing a relationship with Kevin Harrington & Seth Greene who run the Sharkpreneur podcast, as well as manage a network of dozens of podcasts. On our upcoming call I’ll share the specifics of how we can get you in front of larger and larger audiences.

I’ll also share an overview of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press operations in 2020. This has been our best year in business by far, and we are building momentum into next year that I want to benefit you and your book/s.

Then the majority of this call will be spent with master teacher Dale Halaway and I leading you through a process of “closing the book” on 2020 and dreaming, planning and deciding what your 2021 will look like.

By the end of this 90-minute call you will have closed the door on all that you wish to leave behind in 2020, and identified & elevated your priorities and top opportunities for 2021.

This call is exclusively for you and every quarterly call we’ve had this year has been absolute GOLD, this one will not disappoint.

To your success,

Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Operator of

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5 Ways Your Book Can Be Your Best Business Asset

5 Ways Your Book Can Be Your Best Business Asset

Every savvy entrepreneur who sets their sights on writing a book does so not only to share their message with the world and people on a large scale, but also to stake a claim to their thought leadership and build their business strategically in the process.

Bringing your message to a greater audience is only one part of what a book can do for your business. When done well, your book can become the vessel through which you take people you’ve never met on a transformational journey. By committing to writing The Book – as opposed to some also-ran pamphlet type book – you elevate your business prestige and have the key open doors in the media

Here are 5 ways your book can serve as an asset for your business, when done well and intentionally:

  1. Create an Emotional Connection With Your Audience.

Well written books rely on well-told stories. Stories that allow your audience to see themselves in a world they’re longing for. The key to those stories is to connect emotionally, reaching through the pages of your book to your reader and pulling at their heart strings. When done effectively, you can close the gap in the relationships between reader and author, no matter the physical distance. That emotional arousal also gives us a piece of valuable real estate in the memory of the reader, keeping you and your book around in their mind long after they’ve put it down.

  1. Create Multiple Touchpoints In One Sitting. 

Your book should be designed with a transformational arc, that takes readers from where they are today, to where they want to go. Your book provides multiple touchpoints in one source, bringing readers deeper into your sphere of influence with each chapter. One important touchpoint is to make the reader feel understood in their current struggles, like they have an ally in their journey, cheering them on with each page and chapter. Someone to guide them, an emotional connection to the author (you), tactical advice and strategies they can put into practice, and advise as to how to implement those things. Where else can we do all of that for our audience in one place over and over again, without having to repeat the process or increase our time commitment? Only with a book!

  1. Meet Your Audience (and Potential Clients) Where They Are

The opening chapters of your book should be designed to meet your audience where they are, and let them know they are reading the right book, at the right time, to make meaningful change in their life. Although it may feel extensive, the point is to speak right to the journey you know your audience is in before they find you. Think of this as speaking to their “before state” trusting that the right readers will self identify with the language, stories and guidance in a way that makes them want to take their next step with you and within your business.

  1. Clarify and Claim Your Thought Leadership

The birthing process of writing a book – identifying your framework, gaining clarity on the entire customer journey, understanding how you do what you do – will undoubtedly bring you higher levels of clarity and understanding about your business. Writing your book is, accordingly, an opportunity to really stake a claim with your ideas, your thought leadership, and what you want to be known for in the market.

  1. Open The Door For You to Share Your Message on Major Media

There’s a reason that the root word in “authority” is “author”. As soon as you’ve gone through the process of defining and refining how you help your customers and can replicate that for someone else without you needing to guide every step in person. As an author you achieve a level of authority that is recognized by the rest of the world. To be an author means you have learned valuable lessons and are now sharing them for the benefit of others. Once your name is stamped on the front of that book, doors will open and you will stand toe-to-toe with peers you once admired, reaching and serving  larger audiences of people than you ever before. 

Although your book is written for your audience in order to be the best asset for your business, there’s a cathartic transformation that happens when you become an author. The process will push you to the edges of your emotional limits and perhaps just a little beyond. However, once your book is complete, it has the ability to take on a life of it’s own and you get to close that chapter in your own life. 

When your book is intentionally thought out to be an asset and positioned as a starting point for someone else to begin to see, feel, and understand the transformation you provide, it sells forever and lives forever. 

When designed within the longer customer journey in mind, your book is just the hook, serving you to bring attention, interest, and leads into your world for the life of your business and beyond. 

The question isn’t if you can write a book, or whether that book will be valuable for your readers and therefore your business; with the right guidance and intention both are true. 

The question is will you write it?

If you’re ready, my team and I stand ready to support you through the entire publishing process with no out-of-pocket costs to you, the author.

The first step is to Submit Your Book Idea so my team and I can review and reach out to connect with you!

Your publishing partner,


Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Operator of

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Don’t Make These Mistakes when Launching Your Book

Don’t Make These Mistakes when Launching Your Book

Don’t Make These Mistakes when Launching Your Book

George Bryant: If you tell somebody they’re going to launch their business, right. It’s very hard to take a book and then distill that book down to an action plan of what steps to follow. Cause the book is kind of the blueprint, right. Say you have a process with 9 steps in it. So it’s a perfect example to be like, “Oh yeah, now that you have all this, you understand the paradigm, you understand the framework.”

You don’t have to go through the whole book, just come to this part of my website and I’m going to walk you step-by-step through the process with 9 videos and 9 emails, so you can launch it. But now you’re taking that book and you’re really using it as a calling card in the best of ways. So the one mistake, and I say, I’m going to harp on this one is that people launch a book and they leave too many holes in the bucket.

If that book doesn’t serve the purpose of, if somebody finds it and they need more accountability, more access, or an escalation into your world – and they don’t have a path to get there – then it was the biggest mistake that you can make.

Because now that book just becomes a liability, right? It’s kind of like noise, it’s disjointed.

It doesn’t fit into the business model and you’ve spent years of your life developing these tools, developing the mindset, developing the knowledge and the wisdom to be able to do this. Then another couple of years writing and editing.

And I remember that editing process. Right. And I was like, “If I’m ever going to go through that again, I’m going to make sure that I’m doing it for a purpose and a reason. Right?” And so the biggest mistake here is that thinking that the book itself is the calling card or is the way out.

If I had to give it an analogy, the book itself is the Light out in the water that serves as a waypoint to get them closer to you where your lighthouse is the final destination. So I think I nailed that. Did I miss anything there, Jesse?

Jesse Krieger: No, that’s 100% right, George. And the one thing I’d add to that is the biggest mistake that I see, or one of them is people saying, “I’m just going to put it out there and see what happens.”

And I can predict with almost one hundred percent accuracy that almost nothing’s going to happen. That sort of wraps into this conversation that we’re having around the book. Understandably, because it takes so much to write it, to edit it. It can be a grueling process. So by the time when it’s launched, you’re like, “Oh my God, thank God it’s done.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the looking glass, that’s the first time that that product, your book is now available to the public to consume, engage with and all of the benefits that it has to bring. And so we have to have that mindset as authors, as entrepreneurs that writing the book, editing even the whole publishing and launch process gets us like to bat, to start taking a swing.

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Gain Epic Media Coverage With This One Hack

Gain Epic Media Coverage With This One Hack

So many times I’ve written my own ticket. Like, people have read word-for-word things that I’ve written on the air, on live broadcasts.

…and I love it. I just sit there and smile 🙂

This is great” I think, I’m getting media coverage and it’s literally my words coming out of someone else’s mouth. Now, I’m not throwing anyone in particular under the bus with that, but pay attention to that because…

Now imagine you’re sitting inside of a Media role. You have a demand of crank out X amount of content. You’re trying to find this content 24/7, and here’s somebody who gives you something ready to go, and it makes their life easier. And in that process, you get all of the benefit of what you want to share and the exposure that you’re looking for.

I truly look at this as, you’ve got to get the media’s attention, but once you have the opportunity, make it so easy that all they have to do is say “Yes.”

Enter George Bryant: So, when you think about your book, your book is an asset, right? But it’s only an asset for the people that are going to promote it. If they don’t have to do any work, if somebody finds out, you have this book, but they know nothing about it, they don’t know what’s in it.

They don’t know the hooks. Well, now it’s a liability because if you’re sitting in the role of a producer or a content creator or a show booker, and you have 10 people in front of you and 9 of them are like, “yeah, here’s my book. Let me know if you want to interview me.”

But then one (ie, YOU) are like:

Here’s my book, here’s the hooks. Here’s the three angles I talk about and the four biggest takeaways. Done for you.

=> Which one are they going to choose? Because now they get to punch the clock at six hours instead of eight hours go home and get paid for it. Cause you made their job easier.

That my friends and fellow authors is how to get epic media coverage, do the media’s job for them and smile for the camera ?

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To your success,

~ Jesse Krieger & George Bryant

Q3 2020 Strategic Planning Call for LE PRESS Authors

Q3 2020 Strategic Planning Call for LE PRESS Authors

Q3 2020 Strategic Planning Support for LE Press Authors

On this call you will be supported with just-in-time insights on how to reach new readers, sell more books and thrive amidst the uncertainty in the world today.​

You will also be supported to create a 90-Day Plan for what you’ll create and do next as an author and entrepreneur.​

​For those of you who haven’t met Dale Halaway yet, he is a transformational leader with 40 years experience leading over 3,000 seminars! He is also the best-selling author of Being Called to Change: Let Go of All That No Longer Serves You and Grow Into Your Full Potential

​Dale and I look forward to leading you through a visioning and planning process, as well as holding you accountable each quarter when we have these Strategic Planning Support calls.​

​This is part of my 2020 Vision for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press – Deepening our partnership and support with our amazing authors (aka YOU :)​

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​See you there and let’s lean into the second half of 2020 with intention and passion.

To your success,

Jesse Krieger & Dale Halaway