Author Energetics – What to Expect When You Step Into Authority

Author Energetics – What to Expect When You Step Into Authority

I want to talk to you today about some of the energetic process that takes place when you choose to author your book to step into authority to become an author. To put forth your knowledge, your wisdom, your accumulated experience out into the world in literary form. Well, having worked with over 100 authors in the last seven years, directly and closely through the entire publishing process, sometimes through the writing process as well, but certainly through the editing design layout, marketing, positioning, business implications & brand implications of bringing a book out…

Here’s what I’ve observed: At the beginning there is this desire. The desire to put your book out and wherever that comes from, whether it’s for the benefit of others, whether it’s for a healing process for yourself, whether it’s to grow your business to the next level, whether it’s to attract the right type of clients, these are all valid reasons, but this desire, originates and ignites to catalyze the process.

But then what happens once you take that first step or take those first few steps and get into the actual authorship process itself. Something interesting always seems to happen. And that interesting thing is what comes up and what starts to come out that may be unexpected because the desire is clear.

Obviously you want to bring your book out. You want to impact people with it, but what else is coming to the surface in that process? And I found that this is where a number of people can get snagged, get caught up. Ultimately, it can cause people to either sabotage or turn away from the process itself when uncomfortable feelings or unexpected events begin to materialize.

So what’s going on there and in my opinion, and from my experience, it’s this duality of the desire to bring a book out is on the positive, and on the not so positive or on the negative or the antithetical side, is what needs to be cleared in order to clearly present your ideas, your book, your vision with the world.

And so this will always correspond to the topic of the book and to any uncleared or unresolved aspects of your life experience related to this book topic. So for example, if you’re bringing a book out about how to scale up a successful business. Somewhere in the authorship process, you may stumble in your business or at least have some difficult experiences that bring your attention to any part of your methodology and/or your own business that need attention.

If you’re bringing out a book on optimum health and wellness or healing yourself from a specific condition, there’s a good chance you’ll have a new experience with that health experience in the process of bringing out a book designed to help others with it. And I could give any number of examples, but hopefully you start to see that there’s a correlation between what is coming up and what is coming out and what’s to be addressed by you and what’s for the consumption and benefit of others.

And if you can get clear on those two buckets, What’s your process and what needs to be healed and cleared, and then what’s really for the benefit of others. And can you get out of the way and let that express without trying to control it too much, becomes a really integral part. The writing and publishing process, and certainly stepping forward as an authority on your topic and area of expertise.

And so hopefully this is resonant or brings up some thoughts and questions for you. If so, drop them in a comment below, reach out if you’re interested in pursuing the publishing process and I’ll be sharing more videos like this to really unpack what is involved in this author journey. I hope that serves you and talk to you soon.

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Our New Book Releases of August and September

Our New Book Releases of August and September

Take a look at our most recent releases this year. Discover what releases readers have been waiting for during the past few months.

Why is it that a new book release makes me unable to bottle up my excitement?

Even though my must-read list is already longer than I can possibly manage to read in my lifetime and my books don’t even fit on my bookshelves anymore, I still find it impossible to resist new book releases.

But instead of turning a blind eye to my urge to read as many new books that come out as possible, I decided to embrace it and use it to help you find the next eye-catching book to add to your list.

If you enjoy browsing through new releases like I do, you will surely love the following list of great books that we just released.

Identity Shift by Anthony Trucks

August 24, 2021

There’s nothing more essential to making your dreams come true than identity. Living in today’s modern society, we have more access to resources than ever before. Wherever we turn, people are making the best out of their situation and showcasing their success, whether that is their physical appearance, economic status, or luxurious lifestyle. But this constant bombardment of extremely impressive people takes a toll on the rest of us, leading to feelings of shame and low self-worth. Can anyone be blamed for feeling like they don’t fit in?

More Info

The Offline Dating Method by Camille Virginia

August 31, 2021

Many of us are already getting tired of reducing themselves to a socially acceptable blurb only to get the chance to attract someone who is, most likely, not nearly as good as he presents himself to be online. When dating apps were first introduced, they were fun – they were something new and potentially more effective, so many women saw them as the perfect opportunity to meet men. Now, though, it has become obvious that the digital world is far from a utopian one: so why not turn back to actually finding a soul mate in the real world? 

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Making Cannabis Personal by Len May

September 7, 2021

Making Cannabis Personal sheds light on a completely different perspective of cannabis, i.e., its ability to interact with genetics and lead to unique and highly personalized experiences. Namely, Len May started expressing his interest in cannabinoids ever since his adolescence, and this interest was growing along with him. He witnessed many people believing that using cannabis was morally or politically wrong, so in his book, he masterfully debunks these beliefs and offers contemporary readers a fresh perspective on the astonishing medicinal uses of cannabis. 

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The Startup Growth Book by Andrew Lee Miller

September 14, 2021

Who needs spending money on marketing when you can read about all the proven ways to set the stage for supporting your startup’s growth? It’s true, marketing is the number one reason why startup companies fail, and the vast majority of new businesses end up closing simply because they didn’t invest in marketing in time. In fact, founders seem to be dreading marketing, seeing it as something impossible to achieve until they start earning money so that they can afford it, but this is an absolute misconception. Real marketing should always be a priority – and it can be done for free!

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School of Man by Cole Rodgers & Guy Choate

September 14, 2021

Here’s the chance for you to become a master of your own life – to learn how to not merely survive but to thrive. If you, too, are interested in reinventing yourself or you feel like you’ve lost your own sense of identity, you might be on the right track – there’s a bigger world out there than merely doing things just for the sake of doing something. Many of us think that everyday mundanities are all there is to life, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s much more if you know how to truly love and want to leave a legacy behind. 

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3 Lessons on Overcoming Obstacles From John Dillinger

3 Lessons on Overcoming Obstacles From John Dillinger

Obstacles. We all face them, but entrepreneurs have them in spades. While there’s plenty of inspirational content that might help entrepreneurs face challenges, we’ve turned to a slightly more sinister source: organized crime. As you’ll soon find, if you’re an entrepreneur you have more in common with a crime boss than you think. A mobster always has the odds stacked against their success- and they have their fair share of problems to solve. Let’s take a look at one of the most notorious bank robbers of all time: John Dillinger.

John Dillinger

Long considered “The Original Public Enemy #1”, John Dillinger rose to fame in the 1930’s, in the midst of the Great Depression.  Dillinger was the people’s criminal. While other American gangsters inspired fear and thrived on intimidation, Dillinger was lauded for his quick wit, sense of humor, and his ability to remain calm under pressure. Dillinger’s main gig was robbing big banks, hold-up style. We join his story right after he was caught for the second time, on his way to Crown Point Prison.

Indiana’s Crown Point Prison was the strongest maximum security jail in the US, and Dillinger was its celebrity prisoner. With more armed guards per offender than any penitentiary he had ever been in, it seemed to be the last of Dillinger and his exploits. Yet even Crown Point couldn’t keep Dillinger, who broke free in 1934, within three months of landing in the joint.  Not only did he make his escape without shooting a single bullet, but he walked out the front door of the jail in front of his guards. His weapon? A small piece of wood.

Dillinger knew the value of the small things, even something as insignificant as a block of wood. He used his sanctioned razor to carve the wood carefully into the shape of a gun (it’s worth noting- some historians claim that the gun was made of a potato. The FBI’s files still insist that it was indeed a potato). The last step was a fresh coat of black shoe polish. With his convincing sculpture in hand, Dillinger performed his classic hold-up on the prison, threatening the guards as he walked right out the front door to his freedom. Here are the three lessons we can learn from this story:

Improve Your Mindset

Before Dillinger landed in Crown Point, the security of the prison was boasted about to no end. He was constantly being told that the jail was “escape proof”, that it would be impossible to break through the state-of-the-art facility. Instead of accepting these statements as facts, Dillinger blatantly ignored the hype, and instead shifted his mindset to figuring out how he could manipulate his situation to liberate himself. He created tools, investigated systems, and pushed his way through until he succeeded.

As an entrepreneur It can be easy to accept obstacles as “facts”, when in most situations, our challenges can be faced, skirted around, or avoided altogether. Instead of “can it be done?”, ask “how can it be done?” Move forward with confidence, and think outside of the box.

Plan to Overcome

We admit: it’s not all sunshine and wood carving. Just because you know what you can leverage to be successful, doesn’t mean you know how. Had Dillinger attempted to bolt out the prison door the second he realized his plan, there’s a good chance his Wikipedia page would be a lot shorter. Instead he planned.

When you have a big objective, breaking big goals into smaller, easily achievable tasks will help you reach the end game faster. Little targets that build up to the big target. Dillinger began his planning by breaking up an almost insurmountable task of breaking out of the country’s most heavily guarded prison into small achievable steps. Find the wood. Hide the razor. Carve the gun. Get moving.

As an entrepreneur you must do the same. You need to crawl, then walk, then run- in that order. The next time you are faced with a huge obstacle, break up your game plan into small tasks and watch your brick wall crumble before your eyes.

Do More with Less

We’re not here to say holding up prisons, or threatening violence, is the way to get things done in the business world. But we all know there are those days in the life of an entrepreneur that can feel like our obstacles are as impenetrable as a max-security prison. However, we’re willing to bet that you have a wood block lying around.

Startups and small businesses will always have to do more with less. It’s the reality of being a small shop, and it can be an advantage. How can you achieve your desired result with less money? Less people? Less time?

Survey your life for resources you have available, whether that’s extra time to work, a connection to a potential first client that you can leverage, or even an interest in writing that you want to explore. That one small thing, could turn into your next big achievement: your first product sale, client, or published book.

Dillinger’s Steps to Overcoming Obstacles

    • Improved mindset- Not if but how. Confidence can’t be replaced.
    • Plan to overcome- Break up a big goal into small achievable tasks. Maintain your cool
  • Do more with less- You will never have all the resources you need. What can you leverage?

We hope that you enjoyed the read, and that more importantly you find a way to leverage some of these tips. Visit us at The Business of Crime for more crime inspired tips for Entrepreneurs.