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Successful Social and Emotional Learning in the Modern Music Classroom

Teachers are forever telling their students to “pay attention” and “focus.” But are they teaching them how to pay attention and focus?

In Lesley Moffat’s book, Love The Job, Lose The Stress, she reveals the secret to getting students engaged, focused, and curious so you can teach them all the cool stuff about music is teaching them how to actually build those skills until they become habits.

The book is packed with practical advice, including Lesley’s top 3 tips for being a badass band director:

  1. Boundaries are essential. By setting healthy boundaries, we teach other people that we value our own time and they begin to value it more, too. Boundaries give students parameters within which they can learn to function with much more success than when there’s a lack of structure.
  2. Parents and other adults can be the most powerful assets in helping run a program. Don’t try and do everything alone. It’s much easier and more fun when you have a group of parents and kids working together toward common goals.
  3. Work Is Love in Action. When you’re doing jobs that make you want to poke your eyes out with a pitchfork, remind yourself of its importance. This reframing of the purpose of the task helps it go from being another chore to becoming a way to serve the kiddos I love so much.

To discover more practical advice for how to help kids become the best version of themselves through the magic of music education… without burning out in the process, click here.


How to Manage Jaw Pain so You Can Eat Normally

Does painful jaw clicking and popping make it difficult for you to eat normally?

When you have chronic clicking, popping, or pain in your jaw, it can make everything that much more difficult. And it’s not just eating – severe pain in your jaw can also affect your sleep, ability to talk, and overall ability to function.

In TMJ is Ruining My Life, author and pharmacist Chelsea Liebowitz helps suffers of TMJ to manage jaw pain and prevent flare-ups

According to Chelsea, the most common causes of jaw pain are:

  • Sports injury
  • Whiplash
  • Developmental Differences
  • Daily Habits such as chewing gum
  • Clenching and Grinding
  • Physical Obstructions such as sleep apnea

Read TMJ Is Ruining My Life; now to start managing your intolerable jaw pain, and take back your life!


10 Steps to a Spiritually Enlightened Life After Divorce

Are you struggling to get over your divorce? Does it feel as if your emotions are running wild and they’re impacting your professional and personal lives? Are you nervous about dating again? Most people have tried to move on but nothing seems to work.

In breakup to breakthrough, Psychologist, Divorce Coach, and Grief Expert, Lana Gajic applies scientific principles to help people mend their broken hearts and develop more satisfying, soulful lives.

Included in the book are biohacking techniques that help you deal with stress when it arises. Here are three stress-busting biohacking tips:

  1. Self hug. Give yourself a hug by putting your right hand under your left armpit and your left hand on top of your right arm. This technique is meant to help you calm your nervous system down and it does not require the presence of someone else to give you a hug
  2. Focus on Your Breath. Take a slow, deep breath in and an even slower and deeper breath out. Do this for ten to fifteen breaths. Research shows that when you take six or more seconds to exhale, you will get a reduction in stress because it activates your parasympathetic or relaxation response.
  3. Exhale Loudly. Take a deep breath in and exhale like you would in a yoga class. Say a long haaaaaa, like you would when saying the beginning of the word happy. Repeat the breathing exercise ten to fifteen times. If you feel very upset, feel free to do it longer until your body naturally relaxes and your shoulder drop.

If you want to get ready to finally put the past behind and focus on you, Breakup to Breakthrough is a great place to start.


I am so appreciative that Liebowitz wrote this book. As a TMJ sufferer myself I was able to relate to the experiences in her book. There aren’t a lot of resources available that allows a patient to take feel empowered; this is definitely one!.” – TMJ Is Ruining My Life Review

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