Are You All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

Are You All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

Are You Really All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

One of the biggest distinctions I notice between successful authors, entrepreneurs and people generally is this:

They are truly ALL-IN

Which is very different than just testing the waters, dipping a toe in to see how it feels, while the rest of the body stays safe on dry land.

Being All-In means you’ve got both feet in the game, moving forward in the same direction

Instead of having one foot on the accelerator, and the other on the brake.

All-In means you aren’t involved in 3-4 different projects at once, giving just part of your energy to each one…and seeing mediocre results in each as a result.

All-IN means that when adversity inevitably crops up, you think about your best options to overcome it…instead of using it as a convenient excuse to turn back

ALL-IN means you are 100% committed and that your actions reflect a sincere intention to move forward and manifest your vision in the world.

Think about someone in your life who is definitely not all-in…

Maybe someone that has a life-changing new idea every couple weeks, gets excited and tells everyone they found the best thing since sliced bread

Just to cut bait and switch to some other shiny new goal a few weeks later

Does that inspire confidence?

Do you trust this person and believe what they are saying?

Or, in the back of your mind, are you thinking “Sure, buddy, let’s see how long this lasts

On the other hand…

When you witness someone who is clearly on their path

Who shows up day after day, month after month, deepening their commitment and expanding their impact

That person inspires trust and confidence without even saying a word

That is the kind of person you want to align with and be inspired by

Because at the end of the day, those who are All-In go all the way

Here’s an example of someone going All-In, who now just happens to be the wealthiest person on earth.

Coincidence? I think not

That’s what’s on my mind this Sunday

Drop a comment and let me know what’s on yours

To your success,


Soul-Focused Training – Honoring the Deeper Intentions of Your Soul

Soul-Focused Training – Honoring the Deeper Intentions of Your Soul

Join Dale Halaway LIVE this Saturday, March 21 @ 9:30am PST for SOUL-FOCUSED

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This is the year where both the positive and the negative will be getting louder. Can you feel it already? Well, it’s only March and things will continue to shift and change for some time, so it is more important than ever to be supported in navigating change.

On this live training Dale Halaway will help you see in a way that you might not see on your own. This is vital, as most of us are no longer interested in having the negative play out in our lives anymore. More importantly, there are things that we can specifically do, to have more of the positive actually play out in our day-to-day lives during this new era.

That’s right, we’re all required to do something different in order for something to actually be different. The key of course, is to be aware of the new inspiration within the possibly of doing something different.

Inspiration is one of the gifts for everyone on our monthly Tele-Cast. We hear it all the time from those who join the classes – how this class is so insightful and inspiring. And how this is exactly what I needed to hear today, or what I needed to be reminded of today.

We are being asked to shift our focus towards… what our SOUL actually wants.  Wishing or hoping for things to get better, will not make them better.  To continue to deny our Soul its desires, will only lead to a life of more despair and unnecessary pain.

Soul-Focused with Dale Halaway

“Do it; it will inspire and challenge you in ways you would never expect. The environment is safe and you owe it to yourself to come and learn tools to enhance your life.” ~ Eliza Z.

“Just trust me… you will be making the first step in discovering the New You.” ~ Patrick L.

Here are some of the things we’ll be focusing on in this tele-cast:

✅ The 4 Universal Laws that govern the results that manifest into your day to day life (consciously practicing these laws will change everything).

✅ How to tell whether you’ve got the right and most authentic intention.

✅ The incredible power of focus and what it can do for you.

✅ How to get focused on the right thing or the right person (what’s the price, if we get this one wrong?)

✅ The dimensional separation that’s new (it’s a way to help you better navigate through the times ahead)

✅ How to better utilize focus, faith and freedom (get this right and you will move the needle forward in your life)

✅ What being in service really means, and how it empowers you to live your best life this year

If you landed on this page, chances are, it was on purpose. Perhaps, it was your soul or higher self that prompted you here. Or, if any of this is ringing true with you… or if you’ve been sensing there’s something bigger going on in your life, and in and with our humanity, then this Tele-Cast is for you!

“If you are tired of having the same experiences in your life and want to make a change give yourself this gift of Dale’s teachings. It will truly change your life in ways you never dreamed of.” Tina P.

Bottom line: you just don’t want to miss this class! A three-and-a-half hour Life-Enriching class of this value, could easily be priced at $100 or more. We’ve heard this so many times…

We’ve also heard from many before, “I really want to attend, but I’m already scheduled for something else at the time of your live Tele-Cast.”

So, for those who really want to attend, we’ve made it super easy for you to do so. The class itself is less than $40, and you will receive free access to the replay for 4 days. That’s it… nice and simple. Accessible and affordable support for these auspicious times.

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Dale Halaway and Jesse Krieger
See you there! From Dale Halaway and yours truly 🙂
What’s Your Story? Make it Count!

What’s Your Story? Make it Count!

Today I want to shift gears and share an exercise to help you share your story in a new, authentic and congruent way.

Last weekend at the Legacy Leaders retreat I helped lead with Laura Gisborne at her beautiful palace in Sedona, AZ we all took 15 minutes to write “our story”. That is 15 minutes max to tell your life story, with the twist that you do so in an entirely new way.

The purpose of this is to break free from the looping and autopilot we all too easily run on and focus on telling your story the way that it is most real and true for you right now.

So, here is “My Story” told in an entirely different way than I’ve ever shared it before and I encourage you to comment and share your new story and/or how this exercise was for you!

My Story – Circa August 28 in Sedona, AZ

I fell in love with music and electric guitar from age 13. I played this forward to starting a record label at age 21 and touring America twice by age 23.

This showed me the creative side of business and I became a consultant, investment banker and eventually entrepreneur and CEO at age 27.

Simultaneously my love of traveling, learning languages & cultures and exploring relationships from many perspectives has provided myriad experiences that far exceed those which someone of a more traditional life path experiences.

By being comfortable, or willing, or thriving in uncertainty and seeming chaos, I have developed a large capacity to hold space for others and this has become huge for my work with authors.

Now, at age 34 I am confident in my career path and do work I love with people I admire. Others look to me for leadership and I always o my best to rise to the challenge.

My priorities in life have been to collect experiences and relationships, now I see the value in also accumulating assets and growing my capacity to earn as I learn, such that I may become financially free, debt free and ultimately wealthy.

Wealthy in the sense that I am secure in living the lifestyle I enjoy, able to invest in opportunities & experiences that are attractive and be able to support my family, as well as start one of my own.

Most recently I realize that my tendency in life has been to try and bend the world to my will, but that is an arrogant posture with which to approach life.

Now I see the value in releasing my attachment to the outcome, surrendering to the experience at hand, and in so doing being willing to play full out to the best of my abilities, in a spirit of self-love, gratitude, and contribution.

Now it’s your turn…What’s Your Story?