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Achieve Success Without Sacrificing Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Do you feel called to play at a bigger level? Are you ready to claim your destiny and live life at the highest level?

In Nicholas Bayerle’s book, The Modern Day Business Man, he shows the leaders of tomorrow how to get success without sacrifice. If you want to have it all – vibrant health, thriving relationships, and financial freedom – while upholding a standard of conduct and integrity that inspires everyone around you, this book is a must read.

Within the book, Nicholas explains the three core components to making money:

1. The act of production, or the ability to go create money through the exchange of value.

2. The act of keeping money and knowing how to steward it well.

3. The act of investing and taking the money that you have been given and growing it

If you want to achieve success without sacrifice as a modern-day businessman, you can learn more here.


Relieve Your Endometriosis Symptoms and Get Your Career Back on Track

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about how your endometriosis symptoms are going to hold you back from hitting your career goals? Or to have tools that you can use to reduce your pain and manage your energy so you don’t have to miss out on important opportunities? Sometimes, it can feel like endometriosis is controlling your life.

Sought-after endometriosis, pelvic pain, and nutrition expert Dr. Jessica Drummond, reveals how you can do that in the book, Outsmart Endometriosis.

The goal of the healing process that Dr. Drummond reveals, is to lower your overall inflammatory load, balance your hormones, and optimize the functioning of your nervous and digestive systems. While, in the moment, the symptoms can be intense, the goal of the holistic approach is to optimize your physiologic systems so that your overall symptom load can reduce.

If you want to Outsmart Endometriosis and become the boss of your symptoms and your career, click here.


The Powerful Book That’s Changing Lives in Some of the Most Notorious Prisons

Ed Kressy’s powerful book, My Addiction & Recovery, inspires readers with an amazing story of transformation and rebuilding one’s life. It’s a timely reminder that people can overcome addiction, mental health challenges, and criminal histories to make solid contributions to society.

To date, over 500 copies have been donated to inmates at maximum security prisons in California. Most recently, Ed donated 75 copies to New Folsom Prison where men participating in a substance abuse program will use it as inspiration to turn their lives around.

Ed is currently working on donating many more copies of the book that opens doors for readers to deepen their faith in human resiliency and spirit, and the benefits to society that are possible when we give helping hands to those who are overcoming some of life’s most challenging obstacles.

To learn more about the story of how Ed escaped the grips of meth addiction to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer, click here.


“Personal and beautifully written, My Addiction & Recovery is a story of redemption, possibility and the power of a second chance.”

― Seth Godin, NY Times Bestselling Author of Linchpin

Final thought: As you can see from this week’s email, stories and the books that convey them can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. Do you have a powerful story that you’d like to share with the world?

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