Here is a hard truth about becoming a successful author:

Writing a great book is not enough.

It may take you months to write your book (or even years, or decades if you procrastinate long enough).

And as good as it feels to put the finishing touches on your manuscript…

That is just the beginning of your journey to author success.

Even editing, cover design, layout and formatting your book to look and read well doesn’t get you there.

Sooner or later you (and every author) will be confronted with the hard reality of becoming a best-selling author and it almost always comes down to one word:


Influence, authority, leadership and respect await you on the other side of slaying the marketing dragon… 

As in, actually getting out there and being the biggest advocate for your message. 

As in, actually talking to people about your book and the ideas, inspiration and advice contained within it

As in, getting out of your own way and letting your light shine to the world. Getting right with the fact that if you don’t start the process of building marketing momentum there is very little chance someone will do it for you.

The good news is, even though it can be scary to switch from “writing mode” – which is mostly an individual, private experience – to “marketing mode” – which by definition involves other people, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

The key to becoming great at marketing your book (and every other offer you create) comes down to one thing:

=> Shifting your perspective from “what do I want to say” (aka writing mode) to “how can this benefit others”

Here’s what Carol-Ann Marshal realized after she attended an author training I ran:

Did you catch that sentence “I came away with a renewed sense of what is possible being an author, the gift that I have to offer the world and a number of new friends…

Carol-Ann made the connection that sharing her message with the world is the goal, and the book is the vehicle that gets you into motion. 

Great marketing comes down to sharing about what you’ve created, and doing so in language that lands with the listener. 

When you focus on how your reader’s life will improve when they read your book…

When you focus on solving the most pressing problem they are facing…

When you focus on inspiring others to elevate their experience of life and bring new meaning into it…

Then you ARE marketing your book, just not in a sleazy “salesy” way, but in a way that actually lands.

Because you are connecting with what is important to THEM, instead of focusing on what is important to you.

In fact, the only thing that is “hard” about becoming a successful author and entrepreneur is making this shift.

The shift from thinking about yourself, what you want, and what you need => To making your default question: 

How can I improve this person’s life or help them solve a problem and make it as quick and easy as possible for them?

The next time you catch yourself thinking “But I hate marketing…” or “I just want to focus on writing…” or “Marketing is so much work…”

Just, STOP – pause for a moment. Take a breath.

Then refocus on “How can I help this person succeed?” or, “What can improve their day right away?” or, “How can I solve their most pressing problem quickly and easily?”

It is incredible how simply asking the right questions begin producing the right answers. 

Then, all of a sudden, you are coming up with creative ways to help people, share your message, be and inspiration and build your influence with every conversation and piece of “marketing” content you publish.

That, my friend, is how to sell a LOT of books and impact a LOT of lives.

That is the path that leads to generating $10,000+ of sales before your book even comes out.

That one shift sets you on a direction of inspiration, influence and authority…

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To your success,