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Now that Summer is here, I’m wondering if you’re feeling inspired to do something brave, bold and brilliant

Summer is a time to come alive and live life in full bloom. I’ve always felt that it is hard not to feel inspired when the sun is shining and the days are long. It is in that spirit that I am pleased to share our latest and greatest release… 

INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life by Joy Taylor, with a Foreword by NY Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff    

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INSPIRED by Joy Taylor

 By the way, did I mention some of the incredible endorsements that are coming in for INSPIRED

Apply the Wisdoms and your life will improve” – Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul™ 

This book is a timely antidote to the growing sense of fear that we live in an unsafe world.” – John Gray, NY Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus 

Here is a sneak peek from the back cover to hear Joy tell it in her own words: 


Are you inspired to do something brave, bold, and brilliant?

Have you ever dared to share and put yourself out there? If you don’t show up, don’t risk, and don’t overcome your fears or inner obstacles, the world loses – and so do you. 

Joy Taylor



Joy Taylor, Author of INSPIRED

Inspired introduces game-changing ideas on how to align your personality with your soul, break cycles of fear, and be more happy more often. This is not a book of untested theories, rather it is real-world and relatable, packed with tips, tools, and tactics for experiencing love, nurturing self-compassion, and catalyzing your purpose. You will be guided to ask empowering questions, tap into your inner knowing, and actualize your authentic self in everything you do. 

Are you ready to discover your most inspired self? INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life is about celebrating you! It’s about becoming the best you can be, finding your purpose, and being the person you came here to be―brave, bold, and brilliant!

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INSPIRED #1 Best-Selling Spiritual Growth Book