LE Press Presents: The Fresh Pressed Newsletter v1.0

LE Press Presents: The Fresh Pressed Newsletter v1.0

Let me be the first welcome you to our Fresh Pressed Newsletter, the very first edition of what will be a weekly dose of literary inspiration.

If you’ve been following our work for a while, Thank You and I hope this new format delivers the goods in a brand new way for you!

Each week we’ll feature an author, idea or book focused on Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness and Self-Help.

Let’s dive in…


The 11-Step Formula To Make Money And Get Financial Clarity In Your Business

The term “entrepreneur” continues to gain attention as an exciting and financially rewarding career choice. However, there is a significant risk associated with leaving a comfortable position with a guaranteed salary, benefits, and pension.

But the risk of failure as an entrepreneur can be all but eliminated if you ensure that the financial foundation of your business is planned for, expectations are outlined, and the financial results are consistently monitored.

In Robert Gauvreau’s book, The Wealthy Entrepreneur, he explains that there’s an 11-step framework that if implemented, will provide you with financial clarity and extraordinary results in your business.

All entrepreneurial endeavors must start with the end in mind. So the first step to generating extraordinary results is being very clear on the outcomes that you desire as an entrepreneur. It’s important to answer the following questions:

  • What do you desire for your business?
  • What do you desire for yourself personally?

By answering those questions you can set the defining vision for the business. To learn more about Robert’s 11-step ‘Vision to Results’ framework, click here.


A New Way For Women To Navigate The Menopause Years With Grace And Confidence

An empowering new approach has emerged which is helping women to master, not medicate their hormones as they shift from a time of being a caregiver to a self-care seeker.

In Dr. Mindy Pelz’s new book, The Menopause Reset, she explains how inside every human being lies an incredible pharmacy ready to heal. Dr. Pelz believes there is a 5-step lifestyle that will maximize that healing.

But it isn’t as simple as just going for a jog or doing one three-day water fast. You will need to put together several lifestyle tools to thrive during the menopause years. The five lifestyle changes that make up the menopause reset are:

Step 1: Change When You Eat

Step 2: Address What You Are Eating

Step 3: Repair Your Microbiome

Step 4: Detox Yourself and Your Life

Step 5: Stop the Rushing

When followed in that order, each step can build on the next. Before you know it, you will have all the steps put together in a beautiful lifestyle that works. Click here to learn more about what each of those steps entail.


Your Blueprint For Optimal Health, Longevity, And Peak Performance

The average American lifespan is decreasing, and the chronic disease epidemic continues to skyrocket. For many, the traditional path of no sleep, hard work, and an unconscious lifestyle deplete them of the health and vitality needed to be their best in their businesses, relationships, and life’s mission.

According to Kien Vuu MD, better known as Dr. V by his clients, it doesn’t have to be this way. In his new book, Thrive State, Dr V explains his ‘BioEnergetic Model’, which will help you to transition from a stress state into a “thrive state”.

Signs that you are operating in a stress state, and need to pay attention to your health include:

• Excess belly fat (“spare tire”)

• Elevated blood sugar levels

• Digestive problems (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea)

• Excessive tiredness or exhaustion

• Emotional problems (depression, anxiety)

• “Brain fog”

• Food or airborne allergies

• Skin problems (psoriasis, eczema)

• Gum disease

• Erectile dysfunction in men

But the great news is you have incredible power over your ability to call upon your cellular and genetic self to flourish. If you’d like to learn more about how to enter your “Thrive State”, click here.


When asked what surprised him most about humanity, the Dalai Lama replied, “Man! Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

Closing thought: This is the first of our weekly Fresh Pressed Newsletter to help you discover new ideas and inspirational stories. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

To your success,


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Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Interrupting my normal posts about books and publishing to have a little fun today…

Here are 3 things you probably didn’t know about me


#1 – Back when I was like 11 years old, I had tons of collections. Rock collection. Cactus collection. Comic book collection and baseball card collections.

I would ride my bike to the the next town over with a few dollars and a pocket full of change to get new editions. It felt like such an adventure

Then, one day there was a first-edition Superman comic book at the store. Oh man did I want that!

So, I negotiated and pestered the owner until he agreed to take my entire comic book and baseball card collection just for that first-edition Superman.

For extra security, I had my dad drive me there so no one would beat me up and take my Superman riding my bike home haha

If I were to draw a lesson from this now, it’s that when I see something I want I tend to go all-in.


#2 – From age 13-23 music was my life. Electric guitar specifically. I would skip high school and learn Jimi Hendrix songs note-for-note.

I moved out at 18 to go to Los Angeles Music Academy, and my cover band The Rock N Roll Revue would get black “X’s” on our hands when we played shows on Sunset.

Then I lived in Vienna, Austria with another American guy Scott from age 19-20 and we played in the bars and clubs there, as well as on the street for tourists…learning the shifts of the police to make as money money as we could before getting chased away

It all culminated living in Nashville, TN on Music Row where I started my first business at age 21, Tabula Rasa Records (it means blank slate in Latin) for our rock band Harsh Krieger

Well, we released our album back in 2005 and it’s still available around the world today

Rock out to Harsh Krieger here on Spotify


#3 – I won 3rd Place in the California Chinese Speech Contest in 2011

After my early life in music and a few goes at starting businesses, I ended up transferring to UC Berkeley at age 27 to complete my undergrad degree.

I minored in Chinese Language & Culture, which earned me two Summers studying abroad and diplomas from Beijing Normal University & National Taiwan University.

Back at Cal, my Chinese teacher encouraged me to entire the CA Chinese Speech contest, where I wrote and delivered a 5-minute speech in front of a panel of Chinese teacher judges.

Well it all worked out for the best, and here I am celebrating with my teacher and friend who won 1st place.

So there you have it, 3 things you probably didn’t know about your favorite publisher 🙂

Tell me something most people don’t know about you in the comments!

~ Jesse

Are You All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

Are You All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

Are You Really All-In, or Just Testing the Waters?

One of the biggest distinctions I notice between successful authors, entrepreneurs and people generally is this:

They are truly ALL-IN

Which is very different than just testing the waters, dipping a toe in to see how it feels, while the rest of the body stays safe on dry land.

Being All-In means you’ve got both feet in the game, moving forward in the same direction

Instead of having one foot on the accelerator, and the other on the brake.

All-In means you aren’t involved in 3-4 different projects at once, giving just part of your energy to each one…and seeing mediocre results in each as a result.

All-IN means that when adversity inevitably crops up, you think about your best options to overcome it…instead of using it as a convenient excuse to turn back

ALL-IN means you are 100% committed and that your actions reflect a sincere intention to move forward and manifest your vision in the world.

Think about someone in your life who is definitely not all-in…

Maybe someone that has a life-changing new idea every couple weeks, gets excited and tells everyone they found the best thing since sliced bread

Just to cut bait and switch to some other shiny new goal a few weeks later

Does that inspire confidence?

Do you trust this person and believe what they are saying?

Or, in the back of your mind, are you thinking “Sure, buddy, let’s see how long this lasts

On the other hand…

When you witness someone who is clearly on their path

Who shows up day after day, month after month, deepening their commitment and expanding their impact

That person inspires trust and confidence without even saying a word

That is the kind of person you want to align with and be inspired by

Because at the end of the day, those who are All-In go all the way

Here’s an example of someone going All-In, who now just happens to be the wealthiest person on earth.

Coincidence? I think not

That’s what’s on my mind this Sunday

Drop a comment and let me know what’s on yours

To your success,


Story of the Year 2020

Story of the Year 2020

As the clock struck midnight one year ago, watching the fireworks light up the sky over Las Vegas, I was full of optimism for 2020.

I had been working on a deal to take over operations of Publishizer, the premiere crowdfunding platform for authors and was ramping up to publish dozens of books this year.

We closed the deal and went live with Publishizer on February 3, then a month later I was heading to LA for Marisa Murgatroyd’s live event first week of March.

She invited me to share my story to her amazing audience, and there were set to be 600+ people in the room.

But then in the days leading up to her event, the bad news started to really hit. Fortunately her event still went off, but hundreds of people had canceled or were prevented from coming last minute.

That’s when I started to see the writing on the wall that we were in for a wild ride in 2020.

But interestingly, in the tense uncertainty of the early days of the looming pandemic, the energy in that room was electric!

Just a few days later we had what became our final SPICE Dinner for a while.

SPICE stands for Supporting Prosperity, Impact, Contribution & Entrepreneurship and these dinners had been a reliable fixture in our lives that I really love.

After hosting 22 consecutive monthly SPICE Dinners at my place in Las Vegas, the streak was broken. I had often wondered what it would actually take to break the momentum we were building having SPICE Dinners monthly in (at that time) 4 different cities each month.

Well, I can report that it took a global pandemic to stop that momentum and derail our monthly dinners and gatherings.

In it’s place, I entered what felt like a Groundhog’s Day experience of life – the classic movie where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again

I’d wake up with the sun, stretch and spend some time in my garden, then sit down at my desk in Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press HQ and dive into 7-9 hours of publishing work each day.

Fortunately we have always been structured as a virtual company, with team and authors spread out around the globe, so there was no real disruption to our workflow and thankfully Ingram, our distribution partner, stepped up big time to make sure there were minimal disruptions bringing books to market.

This allowed us to provide some much-needed stability and reliability to our authors. To be a lighthouse on solid rock, when the winds of change are whipping up a storm.

I reflect that for the 5 years I’ve lived in Las Vegas, I’ve rarely been in town for more than 2 weeks at a time.

This year I was here just about every day of 2020!

In place of traveling, I started exploring the surrounding area and fell in love with Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains, which offer 9,000+ feet of elevation in an alpine environment, less than an hour from the Vegas valley floor.

My most salient memories this year involve morning hikes in the mountains, looking out over 100 miles of Southern Nevada and eating a peach and yogurt for breakfast in the forest, before barreling back down to the valley floor and right into a full day of author calls.

Finding the enjoyment and creating contrast in what would otherwise have been a depressing monotony of progressively worse news in the broader world.

Indeed, spending time hiking off trails in the mountains helped me turn further inward for answers and guidance. Listening to my own inner prompting, instead of living in reactive defense to the latest statistics and restrictions piling up.

Never have I been more clear, decisive and aligned with the vision and mission I’ve set out for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press as 2020:

To Elevate Global Consciousness by Empowering Authors & Entrepreneurs. We are the Publisher for the Passionate and Help You Change the World With Your Words

So many times I’ve leaned in this year to help and support; from countless strategic guidance sessions with out authors to help them navigate the year, to giving away free books to our audience to stay inspired and consulting with entrepreneurial friends whose businesses were being rocked.

We also ran a number of contests on the Publishizer platform, which allowed our team to serve and support hundreds of authors…many more than I could work with directly in publishing partnership.

Our authors that stayed the course and leaned in to support their audiences saw considerable book sales and business growth, which of course is a reflection of the positive impact they are making in the world.

On March 31, Dane Maxwell’s book Start From Zero came out, just in time to provide thousands of people with practical advice on how to build a business with zero ideas, zero cash, zero experience and zero confidence (as the cover boldly claims)

This year saw our first author appearance on Good Morning America, the honor goes to Amanda Nachman, author of #QUALIFIED: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize and CEO of College Magazine!

This year also saw our first publication where we shipped over 5,000 books prior to launch, the honor goes to Emily Pereira for her excellently inspiring memoir The Quest: From the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, One Woman’s Search for Enough.

The net effect of these stories, and the countless others I could tell here, is that 2020 is Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press best year in business ever, and to be honest it’s not even close.

This was a banner year for book sales, and I have signed over 55 publishing deals in 2020, ensuring that we’ll have a consistent stream of inspiring books gracing shelves throughout 2021.

So, on this final day of 2020, I bid farewell to what was undoubtedly the most wild and crazy year I’ve experienced.

The world changed in 2020.

And that isn’t just going to stop once the clock strikes midnight tonight.

We are all in for a wild ride next year, so my advice is plan accordingly.

Take this opportunity to get real with yourself about what you want to accomplish next year.

Get real with yourself about who you want to be, and how you want to show up for those important to you next year.

Get real with yourself about what you’re really here on Earth to do.

Is it to play it safe and be on the defensive, wary of dangers and threats coming in from seemingly all directions?

Or is it to play a bigger game, to make a real difference by inspiring others with your bold action?

Fortunes are made and the future is written by those who take decisive action in the face of uncertainty.

Spoiler alert: There will always be uncertainty.

So plan accordingly and chart your own course.

Stand firm in your choices

Let your inner voice guide you towards your own definition of Greatness

If you don’t, someone else will guide you to theirs

You can take that to the bank.

Much love and see you next year,


PS: Have something inspiring to share going into 2021? Hit reply and let me know 🙂

A Very Merry Lifestyle Entrepreneur Christmas ?

A Very Merry Lifestyle Entrepreneur Christmas ?

Special Gift from Santa all the way from the North Pole!

Christmas Greetings from Santa and to help make his deliveries easier this year, I’m giving you a copy of Lifestyle Entrepreneur right here, right now 🙂

Click to Download Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions & Run Your Business From Anywhere in the World

Make Money Doing What You Love, Even in Tough Times

Lifestyle Entrepreneur is the result of having lived a non-traditional life. In my twenties, I launched five businesses and sold the last two. I have been in a rock band touring America, and I’ve been flown around the world as a professional dating coach. I have traveled to and lived in over twenty-five countries, learning the local languages while there. I feel very blessed to have friends all over the world, a family that loves me at home, and generally able to live the life that I’ve always dreamed of.

But this book isn’t about me. It’s about you!

If you take only 10 percent of the information and ideas in this book and put them into practice, it will change your life. I promise.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur contains the essence of everything I’ve learned over the last ten years of starting businesses, traveling the world, and exploring the things I’m passionate about. Now I would like to share a blueprint for how you can do all of these things and more.

Are you ready?

Click to Download Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions & Run Your Business From Anywhere in the World

Merry Christmas 2020 🙂