How to Skyrocket Engagement, Build Massive Goodwill and Be a Superhero on Your Next Launch

Here is an excerpt from a topic I’ve spoken about on the Author Speaker Coach Superhero Summit with Marisa Murgatroyd and a host of other awesome entrepreneurs

Here is the aftermath from that summit:

30-Second Summary: I’ll be previewing the presentation thatI delivered in November on the Author Speaker Coach Superhero Summit which is titled:

Best Seller Campaign Blueprint:

10 Easy Steps to Being a #1 Best Selling Amazon Author

Tonight on the Live Hangout I’ll be talking about this strategy: It basically involves mailing out to your list announcing a pre-launch and exclusive contest, with the call-to-action being going to a Facebook post and commenting “I’m IN!” – Then forming a private Facebook Launch Group and adding them in as well and allowing members to invite others. Then launch communication is carried out through the group so everyone sees every message (unlike Facebook page posts, or even email).

 5-Minute Overview on how to Skyrocket Engagement on Your Next Launch

  • Announce Launch to List Around 7-10 days beforehand. Give them a taste of what you have in store; free book, a contest, a live Hangout with Q&A…let them know what’s coming and “light the fuse”
    1. Once you have written the email announcing the launch, copy and paste the majority of it to a Facebook Page post.
    2. Once you’ve published the post, click upper-right hand arrow and select “embed post” then grab the unique post URL from the embed code and paste it in your email.
    3. Have a super low-investment call-to-action to indicate their interest – a show of hands: “Just comment on this post saying “I’m IN!” to be a part of this launch and see it unfold from the inside out.
  • Reply to each comment on the Facebook Page. You can do this quickly just show gratitude and make sure to tag their name so they are notified that they were mentioned in a comment by You.
    1. Optional to add each of them as friends and/or send them a message from your Page
  • Create a private Facebook Group for the Launch. Invite everyone in who liked/commented on the Page post
    1. Mail out again 3-4 days before the launch inviting your list directly into the private Facebook group

Resulting Effect: Skyrocket Engagement

Now you have a core team of people who have expressed interest in your launch. At the least they are involved to get a free, or discounted copy of your book, though many of these people will be your most vocal advocates during the Launch.

Just as not everyone sees, reads and takes action immediately from every email you send, and now more than ever Facebook page posts don’t reach even a fraction of your total audience (even if boosted!) – A private Facebook group’s notifications are seen in each members Newsfeed and notifications.

See you there!

Jesse Krieger