Transformational Author Marketing

The Transformational Author Marketing Method course is the comprehensive, step-by-step, playbook for turning your book into a business building asset.

Designed and presented by two authors – one a marketing and business expert and the other a publisher – we bring you knowledge from over 20 years of real life experience and wisdom to look beyond your book and make a lifelong impact in your business and in the lives of your readers.


Your Book Can Transform Readers Lives, Attract Your Ideal Clients & Get You Booked on Major Media…If Done Right.

$10K Before Launch

Whether you’re trying to launch your first book, become a profitable author, or boost the impact of your next launch…

We wanted to give you the exact roadmap you need to make that happen..

I successfully made $10,000 pre-launching myself, and have since helped many others achieve the same. These successes eventually led me to start my own publishing company, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.
You’ll learn:

  • Running a pre-launch campaign that builds excitment and brings money in the door
  • Build your path to $10,000 before launch
  • How to run your $10K pre-launch campaign
  • Delivering on your pre-launch campaign and making another $10,000 or more

Best Seller Summit Online

Best Seller Summit Online Image

Learn How to Write & Publish Your Best-Selling Book from 25+ of the Top Authors, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Experts Online Today.

Leverage Your Ideas, Creativity and Expertise to Create a Book You Can Be PRoud of for Years to Come and Position YOU as the Expert And Authority in Your Field as a Best-Selling Author.

Video Training and Interviews

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