Published Date: January 30, 2018

By: Brad Sugars

About the Book:

Financial hardship strikes when you least expect it. Kim Peters and her twin children, Amy and Mitch McConnell, lived a fairly average upper-middle class lifestyle in California. That is, until a sudden unexpected family emergency plunge them into debt and chaos. The future looked bleak for the three, until a chance encounter with Richard Morgan, known as “Coach” to his friends and family, proved to be a turning point in their lives. The Wealth Coach may be a fictional story, but its compelling account of what skilled financial planning and smart investments can do is not. All across the world, average people with extraordinary determination transform their lives and generate true wealth using the advice contained within the pages of this book. Follow Mitch, Amy, and Kim as they utilize the mentoring and advice of Coach to amazing effect, just as Brad Sugars has done for his own clients. Through the eyes of this fictional family. Brad Sugars takes the readers of The Wealth Coach on the journey of a lifetime, proving that anybody, even YOU, can start building today.

Author Bio:

Brad Sugars is the founder of ActionCOACH (formaerly known as Action International). Established in 1993 when he was in his early twenties, ActionCOACH has gone to become one of the world’s most celebrated business coaching firms. As on eof the most awarded franchise firms on Earth. ActionCOACH’s brand is instantly recognizable to enterpreneurs and business owners nearly everywhere. How did Brad Sugars do it? Simple: through hard work, determination, and by following much of the advice found within The Wealth Coach. Brad Sugars lives in Las Vegas, NV