The Color Game

Published Date: November 7, 2017

By: Margherita Crystal-Lotus

About the Book:

In the dreams of Ida you can find yourself, and the events that had shaped your life and how to heal inner wounds and traumas. Ida is in a coma, after an accident that turned her mind to explore her inner world of energies. Thoughts, and feelings are energy forms circulating in our bodies. The many levels are coordinated by powerful energy organs, called chakras. Imagine that you travel between them as planets, that have different colors. Seen altogether they appear like a rainbow through your body. In this story you are supported with help from the beings on each planet. The Color Game originated as an idea to blend healing with a fantasy sci-fi story, like Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Trek. The intention for this novel is for you explore your inner energy system as well, so you can deal with what had harmed you in the past and also to discover your inner joy and happiness.

Author Bio:

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an artist, intuitive healer and writer, who have left a legacy of healing stories from the last 60 years. It is compelling inspiration for her reader’s self evolution. Her spiritual awareness are hidden in her stories, as she is an introvert person; loving silence and solitude. Her heart wishes to help others, who do not see their own worth and life purpose. She lays out a path for doing so, to share love and healing. She also share how nature’s divine forces help you, which is the key to live. Her life began in Sweden, with a heritage of art and science. She delved deeper and loosened the barriers of conditioning, to see how life would be better without it. Moving to Canada in 1989, helped her through hardship and learning to be truly authentic.


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March 31, 2019