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The Awakened Being

Marci Lock

Spirituality & Self-Help

Are You Ready to Live in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now? What is an Awakened Being? A Being who is awake to ALL the joy, bliss, abundance, love and pleasure that is available.
About the book

Are You Ready to Live in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now?

What is an Awakened Being? A Being who is awake to ALL the joy, bliss, abundance, love and pleasure that is available. Very few are living in a life they absolutely love. Instead, the “norm” is living in a state of settling, and sacrificing in at least one or often many areas of life. We’re taught that success requires hard work and compromise when the truth is that success is our birthright and our natural state of being.

The Awakened Being is your guide to creating the light, love, liberation, peace, and flow of life as your natural state and result in every area of life. It gives you the framework, action steps, and upgraded understandings along with the exact “how to” tools to take you from where you are at, to an even greater Awakened life of Bliss.

The Awakened Being will guide you through the depths of your own transformation by dissolving the illusions and bringing light codes, context and greater understanding that bridges the gap to each step of your path to your own Liberation. This is a map to shift, restructure, and reprogram your consciousness and way of operating that creates the alignment to a life you absolutely love. It leads you on a journey to your wholeness, where there are no longer limitations, parameters, judgments, or stories holding you back from everything you want and who you are meant to be. Upgrading how you operate moment-by-moment consciously instead of unconsciously reacting out of old programs you didn’t even know were running.

We are the source of our own experience and our reality aligns to what we choose. We can choose love, bliss, pleasure, play and even the luxury available to be fully supported by life.

About the Author
Marci Lock Book ImageMarci Lock Mentor, also known as SunDari, The Alchemist of Light and Liberation, is a Global Change Agent for rapid transformation. She guides us beyond the surface-level education of thought leaders and reveals the truth of transformation to exist in heart consciousness as a Feel Leader, activating Divine Remembrance, Liberation, Abundance, and Wholeness Codes for all of humankind. Her genius is taking you past information and teaching you how to integrate it into your daily life to create the change. It isn’t education that changes your life; it’s embodiment.

In the personal growth and development space, you will hear a ton of different angles, many people saying some great things that will raise your consciousness, etc. The thing that separates this book is about IMPLEMENTATION and EMBODIMENT! Marci will change the way you experience the world, relationships…YOURSELF!

Marci teaches you how to step into your own power, to come from a place of deeper truth, and to eradicate the majority of stress from your life.

Do yourself a favor and snag this one. With $20 and 9 hours of time, you can change your entire life..

Life-Changing Book!


I love this BOOK!! I’m actually buying multiples as gifts. The author very clearly provides the 5 Steps that are a road map for the reader to heal, and then up level. Many books cover surface level self help, but this empowers the reader to go as deep as they are WILLING to go. In other words, you will get as much out of this book as you are willing to put into yourSELF. The only person that can truly heal you is YOU, this just makes it easier.

This Awakened Being could work for adults, teens, men and women. We all could learn more on unconditional love. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Sundari, for sharing your genius.

Jennifer Brooke
The world needs more of this!


After following Marci for over 4 years and being mentored under some of her programs, buying her book was an absolute must. She has an amazing way of seeing through surface perceptions to the the truth, love and light behind it all. This book is a guide that teaches the steps to start “innerstanding” and contemplating the real truth behind sabotaging beliefs that can keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle of low energy. I absolutely love this book and there’s no way I wouldn’t have it in my library of must reads!

Nancy Tatum
Amazing, must read!