Strength From Within

Published Date: May 26, 2016

By: Eric Bakey

About the Book:

If you want to get stronger, feel healthy, and look amazing you don’t need to waste time in the gym or money on supplements. You can train anywhere, no more blaming work commitments or bad genetics…

This book reveals the exact steps to build strong, lean muscle and strip fat without ever feeling like you’re on a diet.

You’re only “confusing” yourself, not your muscles, by changing up your exercises. Muscle follows strength. If you’re getting stronger you don’t need to spend hours upon hours grinding away with endless sets and reps. The bottom line is this: YOU CAN build the body of a Greek God without dedicating your life to the gym.

Author Bio:

A recovered meathead, Eric Bakey has helped countless people get the bodies they want without spending hours in a gym. An Army combat veteran and a certified personal trainer, he has been trained by the best and continues to dedicate his life to sharing fitness all over the world. This is the book he wishes he had ten years ago, and he hopes it inspires you to make positive change in your life.


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March 31, 2019