Published Date: November 7, 2017

By: Nicole Yershon

About the Book:

Statistically speaking, at the end of your life, you are most likely to regret that you didn’t do more of what you love. You will likely feel as though you spent your professional life getting up, going to the office and living the same day over and over, week after week, year after year, decade after decade. Ironically, it’s the same people who wind up regretting not doing more who spend their careers resisting change and shutting down creative ideas. I know, because I spent nearly two decades as a change agent in a large advertising agency.

If you found your way to this book, chances are it’s because you have a fire in your belly, a hunger for change, and a belief in the transformative power of disruption. If you found this book, it’s probably because you know it’s time to shake things up but you’re not quite sure how. This book puts you on notice.

You have it within your power to do more and be more, and I’m going to give you the tools to start. This is your opportunity to change your destiny, so you are the statistical anomaly – the Rough Diamond – who shines bright, even if unpolished, and savors each day for the opportunity it presents to innovate, connect and disrupt the status quo.

Author Bio:

Nicole Yershon is a maverick, inspiration and the original rough diamond. She is, at once a consultant, speaker, judge, mentor and connector. Operating on the front lines of innovation Nicole brings organizations kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. In that sense she properly defines disruption.

As the founder Lab For Hire™, Nicole builds on her 10+ years experience running Ogilvy Labs – a dedicated Innovation unit of Ogilvy & Mather Group where she worked with such global brands as Amex, IBM, BP, Crimestoppers, Selfridges, Unilever, BA and Wetherspoons.

Nicole enjoys operating at the complex and vital intersection between business, creativity, technology, marketing and the future.


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