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Clark Gaither


The house of medicine is literally on fire, and the doctors are the ones burning. Physician burnout is epidemic among the various disciplines in medicine. It just doesn’t have to be this way.
About the book
The house of medicine is literally on fire, and the doctors are the ones burning. Physician burnout is epidemic among the various disciplines in medicine. It just doesn’t have to be this way.Whether you are just beginning your career in medicine, beginning to burn out, or are already feeling burned out, this course is for you. This guide contains real-life practical information to help prevent or restore damaged lives and careers due to burnout. Is it possible to retain or recapture your personal joy and pleasure in the everyday practice of medicine? The answer is Yes – It’s time to Reignite.
About the Author
Dr. Clark Gaither Book ImageDr. Clark Gaither is a board-certified family physician and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Author of three other books he is also an accomplished blogger, keynote speaker, corporate consultant, and personal life coach. An expert in the identification, mitigation, alleviation, and prevention of professional job related burnout, he is also known as Dr. Burnout.

Dr. Jordan brings more than 25 years of experience in the areas of substance abuse and mental health disorders to his role as NCPHP’s Chief Executive Officer. Prior to assuming this role in 2016, he worked at NCPHP for nine years, first as the Clinical Director before taking on the position of Executive Director. Before joining NCPHP, Dr. Jordan was the Ethics Officer and Director of Special Projects for The National Board for Certified Counselors, served as clinical director for a long-term residential program, and provided emergency psychiatric evaluation services while completing his graduate degrees. Dr. Jordan has previously served on state and national committees and boards devoted to the study, development, and refinement of the field of substance abuse counseling. He earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology and graduate degrees in Counseling and Counseling Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Excellent book for those who are burnt out, might be burnt out or who may know someone that is burnt out. Clark Gaither helps us understand why and how burnout can happen and what it is. Valuable information along with powerful exercises, innovations, knowledge and a roadmap to a successful path back to being passionate about your life and career…. finding your way to where you are meant to be… Clark Gaither has offered me guidance and wisdom in his book that has helped me understand myself even deeper than before propelling me on a path that I am now very happy and energized about. Thank you Dr. Gaither.

Soul Warrior Jade,
Excellent book for those who are burnt out


Dr. Gaither’s “Reignite” explores an area many mental health clinicians either avoid to discuss with their patients, or are experincing themselves, Job Related Burnout. This book is a thorough exploration of burnout; costs causes, symptoms and, a simple, practical though less traveled way to alleviate the suffering caused by burnout. This step by step guide to engagement helps readers clarify values while using behavioral interventions to start living a meaningful life not just in the work place, but in all other domains of life. Every clinical mental health counselor, substance use disorder counselor, psychologist, and others working in the human services field needs to have a copy of this book in their library for the clients they treat and possibly themselves.

Amazon Customer,
Engaging book on burnout!!


This book by Clark Gaither is a wonderful guide through the difficult challenges of burnout with hope on the other side.
As an executive coach, I see this kind of burnout on a regular basis. Clark has created an easy, go to reference manual on how to move through the process with grace. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to find their way.

Jill Davis,
Not Just for Physicians