Published Date: May 7, 2015

By: Dr. Clark Gaither

Amazon #1 Bestseller

About the Book:

Are you ready to give your words the power to change lives? Imagine your communication moving people on a deep, emotional level, and catalyzing them to take action. Imagine delivering your closing line in a talk and bringing the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation. That is the promise of Powerful Words.

To help you discover your secret language for personal success and maximizing impact through emotional connections. So dive in and begin your journey to more powerful communication with Powerful Words! Within the pages of this book, I will show you how.

Author Bio:

I have enjoyed the practice of medicine so very much. Private practice has been an education far beyond what I was taught in medical school. It has been a privilege. Public speaking has been a large part of my career. I have presented hundreds of lectures throughout the southeastern United States to physicians and the public on hypertension, cholesterol disorders, smoking cessation, alcoholism/recovery, physician burnout and other health related topics.


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March 31, 2019