Published Date: April 26, 2016

By: Leonard Laskow M.D.

Amazon #1 Bestseller

About the Book:

For Giving Love gives you the tools for giving yourself the unconditioned love and happiness you’ve always wanted. This book addresses specifically how YOU can bring the very tangible power of love and forgiveness into your world.

You will learn why forgiveness works, not just in metaphysical terms, but also biologically. You will come to recognize the patterns and beliefs that create resistance to forgiveness, and you will see clearly how easy it is to overcome this resistance once you understand what a powerful force forgiveness is.

You will also have the opportunity to unconditionally love and accept yourself – and in so doing, become a light unto the world..

Author Bio:

Leonard Laskow is a Stanford trained physician, who has studied the healing power of love for the past 33 years. He coined the term Halo Energetic Healing, by which he means healing with the energy of the “whole.” This energy can then be consciously directed to facilitate our body’s healing response. Dr. Laskow now teaches this process to healing professionals and laypeople and is a consultant in Behavioral and Energy Medicine.


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