INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life

INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life

Hope your week is off to a great start! 

Now that Summer is here, I’m wondering if you’re feeling inspired to do something brave, bold and brilliant

Summer is a time to come alive and live life in full bloom. I’ve always felt that it is hard not to feel inspired when the sun is shining and the days are long. It is in that spirit that I am pleased to share our latest and greatest release… 

INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life by Joy Taylor, with a Foreword by NY Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff    

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INSPIRED by Joy Taylor

 By the way, did I mention some of the incredible endorsements that are coming in for INSPIRED

Apply the Wisdoms and your life will improve” – Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul™ 

This book is a timely antidote to the growing sense of fear that we live in an unsafe world.” – John Gray, NY Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus 

Here is a sneak peek from the back cover to hear Joy tell it in her own words: 


Are you inspired to do something brave, bold, and brilliant?

Have you ever dared to share and put yourself out there? If you don’t show up, don’t risk, and don’t overcome your fears or inner obstacles, the world loses – and so do you. 

Joy Taylor



Joy Taylor, Author of INSPIRED

Inspired introduces game-changing ideas on how to align your personality with your soul, break cycles of fear, and be more happy more often. This is not a book of untested theories, rather it is real-world and relatable, packed with tips, tools, and tactics for experiencing love, nurturing self-compassion, and catalyzing your purpose. You will be guided to ask empowering questions, tap into your inner knowing, and actualize your authentic self in everything you do. 

Are you ready to discover your most inspired self? INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life is about celebrating you! It’s about becoming the best you can be, finding your purpose, and being the person you came here to be―brave, bold, and brilliant!

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PS: Inspiration is already spreading to book lovers everywhere. As I write this INSPIRED is the #1 Hot New Release in Spiritual Growth & Self-Help. Help us add some fuel to the fire by picking up a copy now!

INSPIRED #1 Best-Selling Spiritual Growth Book


The Extraordinary Man: Reconnect to Your Masculine Power To Achieve Purpose, Freedom & Wealth

The Extraordinary Man: Reconnect to Your Masculine Power To Achieve Purpose, Freedom & Wealth

If You Don’t Claim Extraordinary, Ordinary Claims You!

What does it mean to be an Extraordinary Man? What does it mean to live an extraordinary life, and why should you care to find out? The simple answer is that becoming an Extraordinary Man is the only way to achieve true joy and happiness. That process of becoming involves living passionately, feeling excited about life and prioritizing a life of abundance, meaning and deep fulfillment. 

Arthur Magoulianiti, Best-Selling Author of The Extraordinary Man shares his reasons for writing this book.

But what is at stake if you do not pursue an extraordinary life?” An ordinary man lives a mediocre life defined by surviving instead of thriving, where things maybe just OK, but are hardly ever great. Ordinary is where work is an emotionally-draining necessity, where relationships are a challenge and where finances are never too far away from going flat. At the heart of creating and living an extraordinary life is the process of becoming an Extraordinary Man. 

The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you might think! In order to have more, we must first become more and The Extraordinary Man lays out the principles and practices that can change your life – literally overnight. Each new habit, each new strategy applied changes your life for the better. Adopting these time-tested and proven principles will create extraordinary results for you and, just as importantly, those around you like your family and loved ones. 

Arthur Magoulianiti speaks to the importance of good health to be Extraordinary

All men know deep down that they have more to give, they know that deep down they are powerful. But on the surface, anything that blocks our masculine power prevents us from accessing our innate powers to create, to love, and to live life to the fullest. It’s time to leave behind the ordinary and become your best self; to fully become The Extraordinary Man that has always lived inside of you!

Arthur Magoulianiti and I discuss Creating Abundance

I would like to congratulate Arthur Magoulianiti on The Extraordinary Man hitting #1 Hot New Release on Amazon and for continuing to demonstrate what it means to strive for the extraordinary in all aspects of life!

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The Extraordinary Man
How to Write a Great Non-Fiction Book

How to Write a Great Non-Fiction Book

Vision & Goal Setting for Your Book

Congratulations on deciding to write a book! Honestly, this is an involved undertaking, but writing and publishing a book is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. Imagine someone you’ve never met, in a place you’ve never been buying and reading your book then telling you the impact your book has made in their life. Think about how that will feel and really see it in your mind’s eye. That is where you are going and I can tell you from deep personal experience that it feels amazing!

Creating a vision and setting goals for your book at the outset is incredibly valuable and will save you the time and frustration borne from writing without a plan. The big picture vision for your book should include how it will play into the next level of growing (or launching) your business and brand.

Strategic Planning For Your Book Launch & Beyond – To get you started writing the right way I created a video for you:

=> Download Strategic Planning Worksheet Here

By taking just a little time to create a big vision and a high-level strategic plan, you’ll already be further along than most authors who begin writing their book without one.

I’ve created an expanded description of the strategic planning process and how to create a compelling vision for your book in this post: Create a Big Vision and Set Goals for Your Book (coming soon)

Creating an Outline & Structuring Your Content

Now that you have clarity on the overarching vision for your book, let’s dive into creating an outline and structuring your content so your book makes a big impact on your readers. To get clear on how your book should flow and what content should go where, consider this question:

“From the moment someone starts reading the first page, to the moment they finish the last sentence, what has changed in your reader’s life?”

What new perspective does he have? How is she thinking about the topic differently now than before? What have they learned, discovered, or solved in their life after having read your book.

This line of questioning starts to clarify the transformation that will take place in your reader’s life as a result of reading your book. Thinking of it through the reader’s perspective is super helpful to “get out of your own way” and really focus on what information, knowledge, wisdom, stories and experience you want to impart to your reader.

How to Write a Book That Transforms Reader’s Lives – This video will help you craft the journey your reader goes on and visualize how their life will be different upon reading your book:

Another way to think about creating an outline and structuring your content is to think through how you already teach or talk about your area of expertise. Do you have a methodology that you developed? Is there a multi-part process that has helped your clients get results? What are the most important things to know about your topic and what is the best order for someone to learn them in?

These questions start to shed light on what the main sections of your book should be and how the chapters could be ordered. 

Read this to go deeper: How to Write a Book Outline & Structure Your Content

Write Your Best Content First 

It’s time to start writing! (…aka, holy cow what do I write first?!) When you start writing, my best advice is to write your BEST content first. Start writing about what you are most knowledgeable about, most excited to share, that has the most impact for the reader. Dive right into the deep end and get down the most valuable ideas first. You’ll feel an immediate sense of gratification by doing so, and avoid “paralysis by analysis” thinking about how or where to start.

When I wrote Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions and Run Your Business from Anywhere in The World the first writing I did was on the actual framework I present on building a virtual business that can be run remotely. This was helpful in the sense that I didn’t spend time thinking about how to introduce myself, or which story to put at the beginning of Chapter 1, all of which is important, but ultimately a prelude to the primary topic the book is about.

 You can think of this approach as starting from the inside and working your way out. You write about the thing that made you excited to write a book in the first place and pour yourself into that wholeheartedly. This starts to build momentum fast! Then from the middle, you write your way out to both sides; finishing up the writing process with your Introduction and Conclusion. 

“Write your Best Ideas FIRST and Your Introduction LAST”


Build Momentum Writing Your Book

Once you’re past the starting line and have written down the beginnings of your best ideas, you should feel excited and enthusiastic that your book is coming together. Take a moment and appreciate that you are now actually writing a book, instead of talking about writing a book someday. Can you feel the difference?

Now the name of the game is building momentum and getting into a creative flow that will see you through to v1.0 of your manuscript. What I’ve seen countless times is authors start writing because they are passionate about their message and want to build credibility and become a recognized authority with a best-selling book, but worry that it takes too long to write a book and they don’t have the time.

Those are valid concerns, but if we look underneath the surface-level excuses, the real issues that come up during the writing process are of a deeper-seated nature; “Am I even qualified to write a book on this topic?” or “There’s already 20 books on this topic, what do I have to say that people haven’t heard before.” These thoughts and feelings don’t help, but they are just excuses from the ego or previous wounds trying to keep you “safe” by staying the same. Writing a book can drag all the skeletons out of the closet and focus your mind on your shadow instead of facing the light. 

That is why it is important to build momentum writing through consistency and staying in touch with your big vision and goals, especially when you’re in the details of bringing your book to life.  

No One Regrets Writing a Book (they only wish they started sooner) – Here is a video to motivate you any time you start getting derailed in the writing process:

Writing an Introduction as Your Final Act

As you write through your book and are creating content consistently, you come to a point where you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, writing a book can feel like a never-ending journey, but just keep in mind that is a finite process. There is a beginning, a middle and an end to the process and as long as you keep at it, you’ll eventually get it all out. 

Starting writing a book with an outline and a structure in mind is highly recommended, but so it giving yourself permission to call an audible and make adjustments as you’re writing. You have 100% permission to change the order of your book, write a brand new chapter, or remove a whole section of the book that no longer fits the evolving vision. Writing a book really is a balance between structure and planning versus spontaneity and creative flow.

For this reason, it is beneficial to write the Introduction as the final section you create.

A good introduction is a high-level overview of what the reader will learn and experience over the course of the book.

Once the book itself is substantially written, then it becomes easy to simply summarize and present the salient points of what you have just created. 

Your Introduction should meet the reader right where they are right now, and paint a picture for how your book is going to get them where they want to be – What they will learn, what problem they will solve, what new technique they will master or what topic they will understand at a deeper level. In terms of meeting the reader where they are right now, think about the person you are writing this book for and what is going on in their head, their life, their business, their relationship right now that has led them to pick up your book. Speak to that from the very first page and you’ll hook their attention right away. From there you can pace their experience as you touch on the main topics, chapters, and ideas they will read about as each page turns.

Read Example Introductions to Best-Selling Non-Fiction Books 


Complete Your Manuscript & Finish Your Book

With all of the main content in place, it is time to think about the additional content that, in total, comprises the entirety of your book. Here are some examples of sections additional to the main content in your book that are worth considering before starting the publishing process:

Acknowledgements – Who has been instrumental in you writing this book? Who’s names shall be immortalized in print that you are appreciative of whether or not they were involved in the book at all? This is a great section to spread the love around to the important people in your life and let them know how you feel.

Dedication – Is your book specifically for a a special someone? Are there a few people you would like to dedicate your book to, and what do you want to say to them? Some dedications are short and sweet, others can be a few sentences or even paragraphs. You can dedicate your book to your wife, or your readers, or anyone in between.

Works Cited / Suggested Reading – Does your book need a bibliography to catalog the books and works that made an appearance in your book? Are there specific books you would recommend your readers check out to round out their knowledge on the topic? This section let’s you credit the authors and books that influenced you, and point readers to new books they may enjoy.

Offer Pages – How can people work with you, hire you, or engage you professionally? I highly recommend including a dedicated page for each offer you have available. This could be an online training program, a live event, coaching opportunities or a podcast or blog of yours. Include a URL on each of these pages and consider providing a discount code that incentivizes readers to go further with you (and also lets you attribute new customers and clients to your book)


Celebrate and Prepare to Publish Your Book 

Congratulations! You have written a book and that is a BIG accomplishment. Take a moment to reflect back on the journey and appreciate everything you learned in the process. Over 70% of all people say they want to write a book, but less than 1% ever actually do. That means you have leapfrogged everyone else who just talked about it and joined the 1% of authors who wrote an actual book 🙂

Do something to celebrate, and give yourself some time away from your manuscript to regain perspective and refocus on the big picture. The difficult part is behind you now and the next step is to begin the publishing process to bring your book to market. This transition from writing to publishing is where other people begin to get involved and your manuscript transforms to a finished book available to the world at large.

Here is an overview of the publishing process:

Editing – The right time to bring in an editor is once you have a manuscript they can evaluate in it’s entirety. A good editor will give you high-level feedback like how your book is structured, whether you should expand on certain sections, or consider revising other parts of the book, as well as detailed editorial feedback in your manuscript, marking up changes and leaving comments on the text for you to consider. 

Cover Design – Your book cover is the first impression readers will have of your book. This is the visual representation of the content you’ve created and it needs to grab readers attention and compel them to pick up or download your book. Although it doesn’t sound nice, the world will judge your book by it’s cover, so invest the time and money to get it professionally designed. Take a survey of other books in your niche and notice what the best-selling books look like. How can yours both fit in as well as stand out?

Interior Design & Layout – This process completes the transformation from a “manuscript” to a “book”. The interior layout creates the reading experience and incorporates decisions like fonts used, illustrations within the text, quotes that are in breakout boxes, and any other design element that complements the text of the book. 

Harry The Wonder Cat: The Legend of The Pink Diamond

Harry The Wonder Cat: The Legend of The Pink Diamond

Harry The Wonder Cat by Denise Brixey

Harry, the Wonder Cat, is no ordinary cat! Two centuries ago, he was tasked with caring for the Johnson family, helping them through life’s ups and downs. Fast forward to the present. This story begins when Nikki Johnson, accompanied by her close friend Heather Murphy, had planned her annual quiet and relaxing Christmas visit to Harrot Reef to visit her beloved Aunt Lynn. 

Harry The Wonder Cat

Plans changed when Nikki’s aunt summoned her to come earlier because something was terribly wrong. The two friends arrived the next day to a shocking discovery. Loud howling led them to the library where they found Aunt Lynn’s crumpled body lying on the floor with her cat, Harry, next to her.

The two women landed in the middle of a mystery. The only clues consist of a teacup, a copy of Agatha Christie’s “The Mysterious Affair at Styles“, and a note on the mantle. This Christmas visit was going to be anything but quiet and relaxing.

The Legend of the Pink Diamond is a fantastical story passed down through generations of Johnsons and well known by the townspeople of Harrot Reef. A pink diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world, priceless and treasured for its beauty and rarity. As the story goes, accounts allege that one of these rare pink diamonds, mysteriously tied to crazy Frank Johnson, is still in the possession of the Johnson family.

But is it just a story? Harry’s magical powers help unravel the mystery behind the Legend of The Pink Diamond.


Start Reading Harry The Wonder Cat: The Legend of The Pink Diamond <= Click here to get your discounted copy now!

It is the Purrrrrrfect book to read this Summer 🙂

Excerpt From Chapter One:

Chapter 1:

Harry looked around and saw nothing but the ocean waves. As far as the eye could see…nothing. A light mist was in the morning air, and Harry could smell the scent of Spring. It had been a very cold Winter this year. Harry was grateful for his three layers of fur. Maine Coon cats were made for the cold, perfect for the freezing Maine weather, but he still preferred Springtime because the birds came out from hiding.


Harry heard the voice again, but this time, it was more insistent. “Over here.”
Harry turned to see another Maine Coon who he recognized as his grandfather. He was massive; twice as big as Harry’s fifteen pounds. Harry’s mother had told him that he came from a long line of huge cats and not to worry. Some day he will be big enough to be worthy of the name “Gentle Giant”.

Harry heard the story about his grandfather, Sir Aslan, and how he received his honorary title. He had proven himself worthy by saving the princess from drowning. Of course, everyone knows that Maine Coons are exceptionally good swimmers. Anyway, the Cat King showed his gratitude by granting Sir Aslan his knighthood.

“Grand…I mean, Sir Aslan.” Harry bowed in front of his grandfather.

“Get up, Harry. I come to you today, not as Sir Aslan, but as your grandfather.” Sir Aslan was beaming. “You have been nominated for a knighthood and the Cat King is granting it.”


Harry was visibly taken aback.

“B-b-but, Grandfather, I haven’t done anything,” Harry stuttered. “I haven’t saved anyone like you did or…”

Sir Aslan held up his paw.

“Harry,” Grandfather Aslan stopped him. “The Cat King sees real promise in you, as do I.”

Harry humbly lowered his eyes.
“Now, hold on to me and I’ll take us to the Cat Kingdom.”

When Harry opened his eyes, he was in another world. He gazed around and saw that the sky overhead appeared to be painted in pastel pinks, purples and blues. He marveled at the beauty of this magical world. Harry turned and saw a rainbow shoot out from the ground and arc over the huge castle before him. The sky was full of glitter, and music could be heard—its origins seemed like everywhere and nowhere at once. is was the magical land that Harry had only heard about: the land of the Cat Kingdom.

“All of this is for you, Harry.”

Sir Aslan smiled, patted Harry’s head and advanced toward the gate house which protected the castle within. He looked over his shoulder at his bewildered grandson and harshly whispered to a stunned Harry, “Harry, come!”


Harry was shaken from his wonderment and ran to catch up with his grandfather. They slowly went through the gate house and Harry was humbled by the enormity of it. The cats who stood guard uncrossed their swords to let them in.

Once through the courtyard, they approached two more cats who were as still as statues until simultaneously bowing in reverence. “Sir Aslan.”

Harry was proud of the respect the other cats had shown for his grandfather. Maybe one day, it’ll be me that they bow to! The thought excited him…

Start Reading Harry The Wonder Cat: The Legend of The Pink Diamond <= Click here to get your discounted copy now!

[Book LAUNCH] Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice

[Book LAUNCH] Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice

Do you know that the #1 fear in America is public speaking? 

Put another way, more people are afraid of speaking in front of other people than jumping out of an airplane(?!)  

Underneath that fear are the contributing factors like lacking confidence, feeling unprepared, not knowing how to move when you talk, etc. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could nail the mechanics and the emotions of delivering a captivating talk that connects with your audience and closes the deal? 

That is exactly what Dr. Laura Sicola teaches you to do in Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice which is out today wherever books are sold! (…and she would know, her TED Talk has over 5,000,000 views!

Get Your Copy of Speaking to Influence Now <= Special launch pricing this week only! 

When you speak, whether on stage, in a meeting or on the telephone, ask yourself:

  • Do you feel confident and captivate your audience?
  • Do you command the room naturally, and feel like you are completely connecting with your audience?
  • Do you feel like you get the full respect you deserve and the results you want?
  • Are you recognized as a leader that people genuinely want to follow and support?

If you’re like most people, your response to many and even most of these questions is, “No, but I want to!” If that’s the case, then this book is for you.

Speaking to Influence is all about helping you understand how the way that you speak has a powerful effect on your ability to influence your surroundings, your relationships, your reputation, and your potential to succeed.

In Speaking to Influence, Dr. Laura Sicola walks you through the three key channels of speech communication and how they need to work together for people not just to “get it” when you talk, but also to “get you.”  

Get Your Copy of Speaking to Influence Now <= Master Your Leadership Voice  

To your speaking success,


Book LAUNCH – A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for The Modern Working Mom

Book LAUNCH – A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for The Modern Working Mom

“If you’re a working mom, get this book and create a life of better balance, more fulfillment, and a happier family.”

– Jack Canfield – NY Times Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul   

Today it is my pleasure to introduce our latest release: A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for the Modern Working Mom by Atara Malach 

If you’ve ever felt road-weary from trying to navigate new and difficult stages of parenting while also steering your career in the right direction, you know the stresses of the modern working mother.  

Get Your Copy of A Working Mother’s GPS here <= Special launch day price of $0.99! 

 Atara’s time-tested program for regaining control of your home and career is based on the logical approach of leading with authority, trust, and love.  

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Parent competently and confidently by implementing the GPS method, which is based on the universally recognized traffic-light colors and road signs;
  • Use the GPS skills and tactics with your toddler as well as with your older children; there’s no need to change parenting skills as your child changes over the years;
  • Customize this GPS parenting method to your own specific family situations (single moms/blended family) so that you are always in the driver’s seat, feeling empowered;
  • Apply these exact same GPS parenting skills in your workplace to enhance your career and create similar, amazing results!

Using language you’re already familiar with, Atara’s methods are clearly stated, simple to implement, and grounded in practicality and flexibility. The techniques are adaptable for your family’s unique needs and easily transferable to your workplace.

Get Your Copy of A Working Mother’s GPS Now <= It’s also the perfect gift for your friend juggling parenting and a career. 

To your success,