Wisdom of the Grand Mothers

Published Date: October 1, 2016

By: Jean Tindle

About the Book:

This book comes out of an exercise I was given in my women’s circle to spend five minutes a day meditating with a photo of each of my grandmothers, asking them for guidance. As I sat with the spirits of these remarkable women each day, my pen moving rapidly across the page, they offered up their stories, wisdom and advice in the most loving way imaginable.

Early on, I knew that something extraordinary was happening, and I also knew that their experiences and their guidance from beyond was something people everywhere could benefit from. In a unique diary format, I posed a question each day and received answers that helped me to redefine my life and my path. Foremost in my mind throughout this journey was the question, “How can this benefit others?”

Author Bio:

It has long been my intention and my fondest wish to create experiences for my students and clients that open their hearts, touch their souls, and put them firmly on the path to joy and healing. Through writings, classes, and healing or spiritual guidance sessions, it has been my privilege to do just that. And, along the way I have learned from each and every person I have encountered.


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March 31, 2019