Real Passion Revolution New Book Cover

Real Passion Revolution

Denise Darlene

Spirituality & Self-Help

This book is also invaluable for single persons or new lovers who want to avoid the most common destructive mistakes nearly all couples make – ultimately leading to a failed or unhealthy relationship.

About the book

This book is also invaluable for single persons or new lovers who want to avoid the most common destructive mistakes nearly all couples make – ultimately leading to a failed or unhealthy relationship. This book offers hope and healing for all wounded lovers.
Real Passion Revolution offers the same tools that my lover, Joe, and I use every day to support a Loving, peaceful, safe, authentic, passionate relationship.
When applied, these principles will have a significant impact to better your life for a healthier, happier you!
Your mission today, should you choose to accept it is to:

  • Transform your life by learning highly unique and effective tools to bring a deep sense of peace, happiness, and passion back into your romantic relationships.
  • Identify and eliminate the hidden fears that govern and derail both your life and your romantic relationship.
  • Heal your inner wounds that cause you and your partner so much conflict and suffering.
  • Learn to be completely authentic and vulnerable in all of your relationships without the fear of judgments or rejection.
  • Become aware of, and avoid, the common, destructive mistakes most couples make in their romantic relationships.
  • Implement the revolutionary, supportive, and empowering Transformation Tips I teach to create the fun, passionate, happily-ever-after relationship you long for.

I promise you this: if you do the work I’m presenting here, your relationships will change radically. Even better than that, My Friend, you will be transformed dramatically you will be happy, peaceful, and content. You will be healed and on your way to experiencing the relationship you have been longing for.

About the Authors

Denise Darleen Book ImageDenise Darlene is a Transformational Love Coach, Author of Real Passion Revolution, and a Spiritual Teacher. Denise Darlene focuses her coaching on transforming the way people love themselves and others. Denise has been a student of human behavior, of God, and of love, for about 38 years now. She is a retired nurse, a Transformational Love Coach, an ordained minister, a certified Biblical Counselor, and Spiritual teacher. While Denise considers herself a student of Jesus, her Spiritual studies are extensive. Out of her own struggles, personal growth, and spiritual evolution, Denise developed a powerful relationship program and birthed, Real Passion Revolution: 10 Secret Ingredients for Healed, Health, Happy Relationships


5 out of 5! This book reminds us that strong relationships are rooted in unconditional giving, acceptance, and empathy. I absolutely love the message that your partner is never the problem–they are always the solution. This concept alone reframes every conversation and interaction. Denise has clearly studied the psychology behind lasting passion, and has used her techniques to great effect in her own life. I’ll be implementing her advice in all my relationships moving forward. I already had a rough idea of how I wanted to treat people, but Real Passion Revolution really motivated me and drove it home. Highly recommended!

Jesse Tevelow,
Finding Real Passion That Lasts


This book is awesome! There are tons books in the “self-help” genre and I have read many of them, but Real Passion Revolution truly stands apart from the crowd. The topics this book touches on are so insightful and give a different perspective than I have ever heard before. Husbands, if you are looking to wow your spouse, simply implementing Denise’s easy to follow ingredients will bring your relationship to an entirely new level. I would recomend this book to anyone cares about another person. Whether your relationships are awesome or could use a tune up, Real Passion Revolution is a valuable tool for success!

Ryan W.,
Easily Relatable


A great read, with some fantastic advice! Thank you Denise!

Ian Schell,
A great read with great advice!