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The Gold Standard for Independent Book Publishing

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is the gold standard for independent book publishing, with an unparalleled focus on strategic support for our authors throughout their career. We call ourselves the Publisher for the Passionate for a reason. Our mission is to help authors become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs become best-selling authors.

Founded by best-selling author Jesse Krieger, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press publishes books on entrepreneurship, self-help, healthy lifestyles and select fiction titles with 150+ books published to-date.

Through our “Done For You” book publishing process we support authors through each stage of the publishing journey, with a hybrid publisher model that empowers authors. We help with everything from editing and design to marketing strategy and making your book available wherever books are sold.

Through our distribution and sales partnership with Ingram Publisher Services, one of the largest book distributors in the world, we provide the reach of a traditional publisher with the personal touch of a boutique firm.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is a hybrid book publisher primarily focused on entrepreneurship books, health and wellness books, and personal development & self-help books. However, we are always interested in entrepreneurial authors with a passion to serve and experience to share. If you are ready to get that book out of your head, into the world and on to the best-seller charts, let’s talk. 

Why We’re the Best Publisher For Entrepreneurs

Authors first


Supporting our authors through the publishing process is our top priority, in whatever form that takes. We help authors create and launch beautiful, best-selling book and grow their audience, opportunities, and influence!

It’s not work. It’s a lifestyle


Our experienced book publishing team is results driven, with an emphasis on performance, product quality and author satisfaction. We work hard, but we love what we do. We’re dedicated to being your book publisher. 

We Are Commited


Publishing books is a team effort, and everyone’s contributions are integral to creative and commercial success. Our reputation rides on every book we publish. Therefore, we have a vested interest in making your book a high-quality success.

Words have the power


Our communication, author relations, and outbound marketing maintain a reverence for positive language. We believe words have the power to change the world, one person at a time.

Thriving creativity & commerce


Publishing books is about creating commercial success from creative endeavors. Working with authors, entrepreneurs, and passionate creatives makes every book uniquely exciting.

Books are forever


Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is a book publishing company for the ages and we’ll help you publish a book that endures through the ages. The success of our company is tied to your long-term success as a published author.



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