Module 1 – Part 1: How to Run a Pre-Launch Campaign that Builds Excitement, Brings Money in the Door and Avoids Failure and Obscurity.

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to 10x your revenue with a prelaunch campaign and build momentum towards your launch, ready? Let’s get into it. A prelaunch campaign, from a high level, it’s all about announcing your book for the first time and the other products, services, experiences, offers that build on it that really fulfill your readers, your customers at whatever level they want to learn with you.

That’s really the key here at the beginning of this all is to look at your book as not only a book as a product, a $20 product, let’s say, but to also have other offers around a hundred or $250 or 500 or a thousand dollars that go deeper and wider so that people that are interested in what you’ve written about, interested in what you have to say and what you have to share can go deeper with you for a higher price.

And for a greater overall experience. And so we’ve talked about 10x-ing revenue really simply, let’s just say that you sold, I don’t know, a hundred books at $20 a book, and if you just did a prelaunch campaign and that was it, then congratulations, you’ve made like $2,000 in book sales, but how would you 10 X that? Well, what if in addition to selling those hundred bucks for $20 a piece, you also had a coaching offer or you also had a little seminar or a live event, or you had an online training program or you had an audio training program, or you had a group coaching program or a mastermind. And we’re going to go into what each of these are in detail and what the right price point is. And ultimately by the end of this course, you’re going to have your complete roadmap in place with the exact offers, the exact price points, and your exact roadmap for how your prelaunch is going to do 10 K or more.

Sound good. And so really at the foundational level, it’s about looking at your book launch and looking at your product and program launch a couple months ahead of when the actual date is. So if you’ve got a book coming out, let’s say three months from now, then this time right now today is when you’d want to start pre-launching it and highlighting not only the book but using the book as a hook, using a book as the way that gets people interested because writing a book is a big deal and if you’ve written a book or even if you’re almost done writing your book and thinking about launching, the time to start sharing it with people is months before actual release date. Because let’s quickly look at what happens if you don’t do that. What a lot of authors do, and it’s a big mistake, is they put in all the time to write a book and then they get it designed and laid out and they figure out self-publishing and everything else only to wait to announce it until it’s actually live and published.

And then that’s the first time they ever say anything about it. And guess what happens if you do that? Well, probably not that much. Maybe your friends and family, maybe the people that already know like and trust you are going to go and buy a copy and maybe that’ll feel good and maybe that even moves the book up the charts a little bit. But if you wait until the book is actually out and that your only real announcement is, Hey, I have a book and it’s out and you can get it now you’re not giving people any context, let alone reasons why they should be interested and purchase it, let alone having a way that they can go beyond the book to engage with you in different offers at higher price points. So that’s one of the key lessons in this video is that by pre-launching and starting two to three months before your book actually comes out, first you get to announce that book and get it on people’s radar weeks if not months before it’s actually available.

And this allows you to build anticipation, to build momentum, to make the book launch itself and occasion something that people are looking forward to. And in the process, having them basically hire you and pay you and give you money for other offers right now as in months before the book actually comes out. And the other reason that this is so important is because even if you self-publish, or especially if you work with a publisher and even a great publisher like lifestyle entrepreneurs press that pays good royalties and pays them frequently, any book that you sell, you’re still going to be waiting at least a few months before you even see the revenue from those books sales. And so in the next video we’re going to talk about how to bring money in the door right away and how that really helps drive book sales and build more interest and more momentum moving forward.

So right now, the key lesson I want you to take away from this first video is that you have the ability to 10 X your revenue or more than what you’d make just launching your book by having just a few simple offers available and highlighting the book and your prelaunch. Wow. Also having these other options that people can opt into that people can purchase and buy and that those offers don’t have to be created yet. Okay. So the other point I want you to take away from this video is that pre-launching means selling before creating and delivering. And that’s what, that’s the mindset that we’re going to get into in this course is that before you put in all the work to create something and build it and design and build a website and whatever else you think it takes to put an offer together and bring it out to the world, we’re going to make it super simple and just help get clear on what the value is that you’re providing to your customers, to your potential clients, in any of these offers, including your book. Cause once you’re clear on the value that you’re providing and you’ve got a price tag that goes along with that, that’s just about all you need to start selling and start pre-launching your book as well as these other offers. So I’ll see you in the next video. We’re going to talk about how to bring money in the door and how to build momentum towards your launch the right way.

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